September 9, 2008

Missing me?

So much has happen in three weeks! I am sorry I have been another world. Its called ASU! Yes I'm back to school and for some reason I find it even harder to do everything. I really need to get the hang of being back but I feel so unbalanced. Besides the point of being back to school it was my birthday this past Wednesday! Actually the entire week was my birthday.

Tuesday Night fun began with a surprise from my good friends, Andrea, Lauren and Kristina. I'm sitting in the parking lot with my friend Jacklyn and all of a sudden I see a white car pool up behind us all fast......then I knew exactly what was happening. They gave me flowers, a cupcake, and pretty much tired to kidnapped me. In the end we went to Sting Ray in Scottsdale, I love sushi. I was out until midnight starting my birthday celebration.
Wednesday morning I woke up to my parents and brothers singing me Happy Brithday. It was really sweet but at 6am is not the time I would usually want to be sung too. After my morning fun, I had lunch with my friend Liz, more sushi..... Did I tell you how much I love sushi. :) I ended the night with a home cooked dinner at the "girls" (Andrea, Lauren and Kristian) apartment with a movie and cake.
Thursday was like any other day, with a birthday dinner at night with my close high school friends. We had a fun night at PF Chang's Bistro. Even though Andee's truck go towed we still survived the entire night.
Friday was amusing night! I had a birthday dinner (I know again) with most of my friends. We had dinner at Buca de Beppo in Scottsdale. I had a small crises before my dinner but everything was solved thanks to good friends. I was late as usual but everyone was too. :) The night lead into more adventures at the night clubs. I had a great birthday, dancing, food and the best company I could have.
I want to thank my family and friends, especially Andrea, Lauren, Kristina and Jaclyn for making everything happen. I owe you girls big time. Muchas Gracias

-Enjoying life being one more year older