June 29, 2009

A Happy Father's Day

This year I have been slacking on planning every event for my family. For the longest time I have always been the planner. I plan every family event, birthdays, holidays, baby showers, bridal showers, and even family FHE. However, this year I have been the biggest slacker, I seriously have waited to the last minute to plan everything. I am not sure if it is because I know I will plan a marvelous event (since I am that good) or I am just waiting to see if anyone else will pick up the slack.

Well Father's Day came, and I was so surprise with my sisters. Yes, they picked up the slack. Two phone calls, one with Emma and the other with my mother. The verdict: I had to buy only ONE thing. It was the oddest feeling. So I guess I am trying to say thank you to my sisters for making sure everything was planned. :)

It was a great Father's day. Simple, joyful and just felt loving. My dad broke down and told us how much he loves us. It was the sweetest thing. We don't hear those true feelings from my dad very often, he is a manly man and doesn't cry. However, he got choked up.

Enjoy the photos, it has been a while since we have taken a group photo, although Jonathan is missing...we still love you.
6 out of 7 kids and my dad
Everyone wants to take a picture with Emma, seriously she is in almost every photo
The grand kids.... Lina is on her way, that is why Ceci is in the picture.
Yeah, my new hat that I love, and my cute nephews!

Enjoying Life with Family~

June 11, 2009

New Blog to follow

My new favorite blog......... http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Seriously be ready to laugh, its sick!

To give you all a preview, here are two of my favorite photos. Please visit this site, it will make your day!

Must I say anything all....

No need for a dog, we have PIG

~Enjoying life and realizing my family is not as wired as I thought it was!

June 8, 2009

Little Boys

I am so blessed to have the cuties nephews. Seriously, I don't know if they get much cutie-r then this. Well this past Sunday or two weeks ago...not sure however, Sunday we celebrated Sebastian's birthday. Sunday, May 30, 2009 he turned nine years old. My little baby is that much older, it seems just like yesterday he was born, but I guess not.

We had a good time, enjoying family and a home cooked meal with a delicious chocolate cake for dessert.
Here are some pictures of the boys in my life. I love them all so much. Happy Birthday Sebastian, don't worry you will always be my baby boy.

Sebastian getting his nine spankings

Noah, Tyler, Jacob, Armando and Sebastian

Sebastian & Emma

Enjoying life~

I'm full of surprises

To kick off my summer, I planed a last minute camping trip!
So if you really know me, you know I never do last minute and I never camp! So as you can imagine this was a trip.
Armando: Thursday evening Armando said we should go camping....??
Candi: being daring said sure, lets invite Andrea and her husband, so I called them up & asked
Andrea: Sure, we were wanting to go camping, let me make sure its okay with Anthony
Candi: sweet.......waiting.....
Andrea: Alright lets go, come over and we can plan it out
Candi: Turned to Armando and said okay lets go tomorrow
Armando: very surprised said okay.....he then thought about it......wait...... you don't camp
Candi: I know....so are you ready to deal with me
Armando: ...........................ah..............sure.................oh crap
Candi: Ha ha ha!!! (Evil laugh)

Okay, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. Armando was good with me, mainly because I was pretty good. I put up the tent in the dark!!! Whoop Whoop, helped cook, and slept on the floor. (Our air mattress deflated)
However, there was some complaining....on the hike, not because I am a chicken, because Armando forgot to mention we were going for like a two mile hike and I was wearing river shoes! Plus we got lost and I almost fell off a cliff, I grab on to a tree and was hanging for my life. ~True Story

Enjoy the pictures...I do want to mention, I jumped off this waterfall, (something I never do, I was full of all surprises)
Andrea, Anthony, Candi, Armando, after our camping experience
Me, in my camping gear
Andrea and I posing in front of the waterfall I jumped off
Armando, practicing his paintball aim
Andrea and Mckenize..just being

~Enjoying my life during summer