November 29, 2009

How to enjoy the holiday foods!

Let's all give thanks and enjoy our family this holiday season. Love, laugh, and be of good cheer. However, beware of the brownies and other sweeties that loom around your kitchen! With that in mind, here is your "I can make it through the Holidays without gaining weight" check list!

1. Prepare

Choose now what foods you will allow yourself to enjoy. Decide what they will be, when you will be allowed to enjoy them, and how much you will allow yourself. You will get the best results by choosing small amounts, infrequently. Caution! Don't enter the Holiday season defenseless!

2. Strategize

Memorize your holiday rules and pre-determine your strategy of attack to any opposition you might face. Don't forget that It's ok to say "no" when offered goodies from a well-meaning relative or friend! You can always accept it graciously, then give it away to those less fortunate.

3. Stick to it

Stick to your rules. And remember, it's better to stick to 95% of a game-plan, than to not have one at all.

4. Enjoy

There is no greater high than the one you receive from self-discipline. When you feel it, you will strive for that "high" all year long.

Lastly, whatever you do, DO NOT allow yourself to believe that little voice in your head that says, "I'll simply enjoy this food now and diet LATER." Unfortunately, it's not that easy. For when later comes, you will have more than just unwanted body fat. Amongst many other health issues that this may cause, you will have a sluggish digestive system, a sweet addiction to withdraw from, and worst of all, skin that has been stretched from excessive weight. Yuck! Don't listen to that naughty little voice!

  • Tips courtesy of Pure Fitness Group X Director

Enjoying life trying not to listen to that little naughty voice~

November 25, 2009

Is this really how the Singles Ward works?

Let's discuss singles ward drama.

Boy A: Charlie
Boy B: Adam
Girl C: Jane
Girl D: Victoria
(Please note these are fake names to protect the identity of the real messed up people)

I feel like I'm watching Dawson's Creek. Why? Glad you asked!

Charlie and Adam are best friends, actually family and even roommates. They are close, tell each other everything, you know BFF but in guy version.

Well (Oh So Sweet) Adam likes Jane which very pretty, simple and kind overall a good match for Adam. So Adam like any other single man in a singles ward decides to start trying to work his magic on Jane! Doesn't get too far, when he realizes Jane has a serious boyfriend, yes Jane had a boyfriend.
Jane breaks up with boyfriend........ (Single again, good thing for Adam)

One problem...!

Let's meet Charlie and Victoria
Charlie, very attractive Charlie was dating the real thing; beautiful, happy, easy-going Victoria. It was a going thing, where both of them seemed pretty perfect for each other.
They dated and HE decided it wasn't going to work because of very stupid reasons. (What is wrong with single ward men?)
Victoria is sad, pretty upset sad, (but she will get over it) and decides to talk to her friend Jane about it. Yes, Jane, remember Jane the one Adam likes very much.
They talk about Victoria and Charlie and then talk about Adam. Girlie Talk, trust talk, true friend talk!

(4 weeks pass, something like that, probably shorter)

Let's go back to the problem, Adam and Jane.
Sunday comes and Jane and Charlie are now setting next to each other all loving cuddling couple! Adam sits at the end of bench with the sadness sickness face. Yes people, Charlie goes for Jane although his BFF, roommate and family member was in love with Jane!

Adam doesn't get girl
Girl goes with other boy
Victoria loses Boyfriend and good friend
Now I am waiting for Victoria and Adam to be the next big thing!

Dose anyone else see the problem in this story. I might be new to this whole singles ward thing and the whole dating in a singles ward but I can't watch this sick square/triangle mess.

Is it wrong, or is this what I should expect in a singles wards?

November 19, 2009

Umh, Hello


What else is there to say but have fun tonight and be safe!

Can't wait to hear what you think about it!


November 11, 2009

November, where are you?

Flagstaff, AZ By:Candi

Its November.......... did any one notice that? I mean it would be very easy to get it confused with December since they are playing Christmas music in stores OR maybe you got it confused with September since it is still HOT outside.

Well, Ladies and some Gentlemen, it is November! Actually almost two weeks into November, which means the following things I look forward to:
  1. Cold Weather......wherever that is at?
  2. NEW Moon release.... 8 days counting!
  3. Thanksgiving......... PanChupe, not sure how to spell it but all my El Salvadorians appreciate it.
  4. Black Friday......... I love shopping, I love shopping with great deals.
  5. 30 actually work days left till my conference is here........ Oh smacks not looking forward to that.

Dear November,

I love you so much, it's a wonderful month full of food, love and thanks. Please send me cold weather, I am ready to ROCK my fall/winter wardrobe. Enjoy the many weddings; everyone wants to get married in the fall. Please don't worry about December and it's Christmas event trying to take you over. We still love Thanksgiving and we love Twilight, so thank you for bringing both of them to us.

Love one of your many biggest fans,


Have I missed anything, thoughts about November, feel free to leave!

Emilee & Me: Looking for November
Enjoying life and November~

November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Every year I spend hours upon hours preparing for the Henriquez Halloween Party. Ever year it gets better, and more complicated.

Enjoy the pictures........... but the video is the best!

Hope everyone had a scary, spooky and awesomeness Halloween!

Enjoying life with the crazy family I picked~