April 29, 2008

Baby Girl!

Tomorrow, a new little baby will be born into this world! yup! My new little niece....(well kind of, not officially mine) Armando's brother Irving and his fiance will be in the hospital tomorrow, while his fiance (Adriana) gives labor to their child (unknown name)! I cant wait to see this little bundle of Joy! She will defiantly be gorgeous because of her brother, and well we are praying she doesn't get Irving's nose! ha ha ha. So hang tight will try to post pictures up tomorrow of my new little girl! Cant Wait!!!!
Enjoy Life-

April 28, 2008

Pat's Run

Last weekend I volunteered at the Pat Tillman Run/Walk. What a day!I started my day at 4:00am in the dark, cold parking lot of ASU, Tempe campus. I helped set up trash cans, chairs, tables and the kids area. By 7:00am when the run was about to start I was catching up with my sisters to wish them luck on their run. (Please note, my pictures are NOT fabulous because no one looks that good at 4:00am) Pat Tillman is amazing example of a good citizen that loved his life, city, state and country. I am happy to know that Pat Tillman foundations is a thriving foundation that supports so many people. Its always good to hear that where you volunteered made a difference to 14,000 thousand people who showed up to support Pat Tillman cause that day. May his legacy last forever.
Enjoy Life-

April 21, 2008

Yellowcard ROCKS

Last Monday I went to the Yellowcard concert with a couple of my girl friends and Armando! Spill Canvas, Paris of Treaty and Radio Play were also performing. However none of them were as good as Yellowcard was. After Spill Canvas was on their last song KK and I rushed to the stage. We pushed and shoved but in the end I got exactly were I wanted to be, right up front! I had a blast singing along with Ryan and Sean (Yellowcard members) oh what cuties! The overall concert was fun, it was their last show on the tour so they gave it all to us. (just check out the video)
Just in case you hadnt notice Yellowcard is my favorite band EVER! I have gone to all of there concerts here in Arizona (even some in Tuson) and own 5 of thier 6 CD's. Here are some pictures of the awesome time I had. To check out click on: Yellowcard
Enjoy Life-

April 13, 2008

Palatte, French anyone

Went to Palatte (a French restaurant) this week. What a beautiful place on such a beautiful day. The place was absolutely adorable. It had patio table sets outside, on this huge patio (back yard style) with draping cream curtains and fresh cut flowers on your table. This place gave out a good vibe and just a cool place to be. The food was as great as the place. I had the skinny, who knows what is on it but all that matters is that it was delicious. It also came with fresh cut fruit and pure ice cold water. I recommend this place to everyone. Its a great time to hang out with friends and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.
Enjoy Life-

April 8, 2008

Friday Night

Friday night I went to First Fridays at Downtown Phoenix. First Friday is an Art walk that happens every first Friday of the month. It was my first time attending and honestly I have been missing out!! This event is a lot of fun, there are tons of people, art and entertainment. I cant wait until I have my own place and I have extra money to decorate my home with ART. The art walk is filled with handmade items, street art, galleries and street entertainment. The environment was fun and exciting, it really felt like the cool place to be, and if you weren't there, why not? As we walked down the streets they had hot dogs cooking, bands blaring music and colorful canvas, t-shirts and even pins. I supported the local art and bought two pins and a handmade hat. We had a good time, I cant wait for the next one, May 2nd. Hope to see you all there.

I want one of these shirts, it says, MaCain- Same of the same stuff!!! Obama- Change!

April 7, 2008

My ten year old!

Emilee Birthday party was Saturday afternoon. They had the party at Brunswick Zone, this huge bowling alley. The place was popping with music, lights and people. I almost felt like I was at a techno club. They had bowling, cake, pizza and lots of presents. I told Emilee I would get her a goose for her birthday. I didn't have enough time to find one, I actually don't know where to get one. So if anyone knows were to get a live goose for a pet, please let me know. .... I know.. I know you are all thinking why am I getting her a goose. Well, Emilee's nick name is goose so why not get her a real goose. Plus, her dad wont let her have a dog but he never said no to a goose. :) My brother is going to be pretty angry. Well if I don't find one, I will see what other crazy pet I can get her.
Sorry back to the birthday party. The party was fun, tons of girls running around with glow sticks on there heads, while doing the cha cha slide.
Happy Birthday Emilee. You are getting so big.

April 4, 2008

Three little boys

If you have notice I haven't been posting much because the truth is my camera broke. Lucky me Armando was smart and put warranty on it. Best Buy fixed it up for me but it took them almost three weeks. (grr) so I have re-track my photos back three weeks ago.
Here I am with my three handsome nephews. Armando and I decided to take them on a bike/skateboard run to the park. We had a good time watching them show off their skateboard moves. As you can see Noah wants to be just like his brothers. The funny part is that he lays his tummy on the skateboard and tries to ride it like if he was surfing. Little boys are such cuties! Especially my three adorable nephews.


In loving memory of Brooke

Brooke my friend, past away last Thursday. Yesterday was her a funeral and well it was a lot harder then I thought it would be. To see all the people I grew up which I have not seen in forever was weird. I didn't think something like this would bring us together. It still gives me the chills to think Brooke is gone. I know that she is in a better place now but it is still hard to think she died so young. Brooke was only twenty years old. She actually was only a little short then two months from her 21st birthday. Yesterday morning at the funeral I was filled with so many emotions. Of course I was extremely sad, but I was also filled with other emotions, ones that I cant even describe. Standing at cemetery, watching those doves fly off in memory of my friend was to much. She was so young! She was like any of us with plans, dreams, goals. She went school and work like all of us, just living her life. But all of that is gone, its hard to deal with death but its harder to deal with death when someone is so young.

I grew up going to school with Brooke, she was a great friend that always had your back. She was confident, strong, loud mouth. She loved to laugh and make the people around her laugh. Brooke we will always remember you. May God bless her family, and close friends that will miss her more than ever. We will see you again,

Brooke Bassler

Rest in Peace