March 24, 2008

We are the ONES!

Love this video!
I believe in change, I believe in change for this world. What do you want in this world?


March 7, 2008

This is what we call SNOW!

Last weekend a couple of my friends and I decide that we would take Friday off work and school and head up to Sunrise. We left Thursday night and stayed in my sisters cabin. We got up in the early in the morning and took off for the ride to Sunrise Park. By the time we were strapped up and ready to snowboard the sun was heating things up. As you can see we didn't even have to wear jackets.
This is where the good stuff happens. My three good friends, Kristina, Lauren and Jaclyn have never snowboard! Must I say more. No, actually they did a pretty good job. I have never really had to teach anyone how to snowboard, I don't think I was the best teacher but they caught on eventually. I had a good time going up the bunny hill with them and watching them fall on their butts. I give props to Kristina she went up the bigger hill (regular lift) with me and road down. None of the other girls even made it up there. Plus Kristina is afraid of heights, so if you can imagine she was afraid of the small lift, you should of seen her on the other lift. KK, you rocked it!

I had a great time hanging with my girls. Road Trips are always fun.


March 3, 2008

Taylor Place

Being part of the Downtown Devils' Advocates, I received the opportunity to have a hard hat tour of Taylor place. Taylor place only has 5 months before it opens it's doors. Part of the tour we got to view two rooms that have been completed for viewing. We also go to input our opinion on the furniture. The rooms are filled with bright colors and the windows open 4", unlike Tempe where the new Resident halls only open 1". Overall the new Residents hall is beautiful! My only concern is there are no kitchens!!!! Yes, no cooking, you heard me right! There is no where to make your own food, which concerns me when some people have special diets. Hopefully they will come up with something but that was one of my biggest concerns. The tour was fun and so is life.