June 26, 2008

Internship Update

I haven't really talked about my new intern and all of the wonderful things I do. So here is my update for now. I work at BAVC Bay Area Video Coalition. It is a nonprofit that "brings cultural and economic participation to underserved communities through media, and the belief that telling compelling stories is powerful for both media maker and audience. Over the last 30 years, BAVC has developed an entrepreneurial web of programs and services that brings together a multi-generational mix of artists, experienced media professionals, educators, low-income youth and adults, non-profit organizations and industry partners in this pursuit". Overall BAVC is trying to bring technology to everyone!
Not only am I passionate about nonprofit work, I have always been passionate about Technology and staying up to date with the new media.

So far I have been working on their new website and office work.
However, in July I am really excited to be working on a nonprofit institute. I will be helping organize and produce a institute where 10 nonprofits will have the chance to come into BAVC facilities to "learn how they can use mobile or other new media application to better serve their constituencies, realize their program goals, and maximize the fiscal benefits of new technologies within their organization".
I cant wait to help plan this event. I will get to really understand what it takes to plan an event, while at the same time meet 10 nonprofits in the bay area, networking!!!

BAVC has a lot of great documentaries and videos created in their facilities. I have been watching many, due too transferring them to the new website. I will try to post a couple every once in a while. Here is my all time favorite. Please take the time to watch it, you will love it.

-Enjoying life in San Francisco

Slip of Tongue

June 18, 2008

Green is the new BLACK

I saw a shirt yesterday it said the following, "Green is the new BLACK".Living here in San Francisco I have learned a new way of life. The bay area is all about the "green". Every where I go the bay area is always surprising me with something even more exciting that they are doing to help the environment. Being here almost a month now, I have changed my life style of living, I have gone GREEN and there is no coming back! Its hard not too, seriously everyone here recycles, brings their own bags to the grocery store, walks, rides public transportation, and you know those carry out/take out dishes, well here there they use a recycle material to make them. It doesn't stop there, the bay area even has "Spare the air day" were public transportation is free, pretty much this movement is amazing and the bay area is all over it.As we all know the new epic is all about going "Green" and how we can help preserve our world. Recently they have had a huge boom of cars converting to cooking oil. Edward sent me a good article from the NY times about how cooking oil is getting stolen from restaurants. When I read I couldn't help to laugh, its unbelievable, cooking oil is getting stolen. A local restaurant stated, “Ten years ago we couldn’t give this stuff away. Now everybody’s fighting over it.” Hopefully our new president can come up with a way to fix this problem(and the many more we have).

-Enjoying life in San Francisco, going "Green" style

June 12, 2008

Are You ready San Francisco?

So this past weekend my friends came to San Francisco for New Global Citizens conference. A nonprofit that has partner up with ASU. The conference was Saturday afternoon, so we had Friday, Saturday morning and night to have adventures after adventures. Friday night we went to dinner to a nice restaurant, the view was beautiful, breath taking. To look at the golden gate bridge while eating was defiantly worth it. We really just sat there for about ten minutes staring at the view.

After dinner we headed over the Giant's stadium to watch the baseball game. It was a cold but once again the view was amazing. The bright lights shinning on the fresh cut green baseball field with a backdrop of the dark, gray-blue bay.
I learned a lot about baseball that night, I had Dana one side and Sam on the other as they did play by play comments in their best announcer voices. The game was defiantly remarkable, but by eleven o'clock and in the 14th inning with the freezing wind cutting through me, I was done!The next morning was by far the best morning I have had in a long time. Sam already had a bike, so Dana and I rented bikes and we all rode to Golden Gate Bridge. It was a cloudy morning with a cold breeze flowing through our hair. Seeing the bridge up close was of course glamorous. It was a fun morning but at the same time was very relaxing. I hadn't rode a bike in forever, all the way back to sixth grade, so it was defiantly interesting at first trying to figure out how to shift a mountain bike.
Sam & Dana in their fashionable bikes and helmet

We ended our night at delicious restaurant and a spicy cafe. Pantarei was a Italian restaurant in little Italy/North Beach. We then walk a couple of blocks and ended up at Mojitos a salsa/reggae cafe. We did a lot of dancing and meant some particular people over the night. I had a blast and could not ask more better people to hang with.Here we are with our Italian Waiter

Enjoying life in San Francisco