July 31, 2009

Perfect Weekend Trip: Gand Canyon

Day Three: (Final Day)

The Grand Canyon, I had never been. Yes, I have lived here all my 22 years of life and have not been. You will be surprise there are many like me, and have lived here even longer then me.
My inspiration came from Amiee, (Parks and Recreation StAR) she put her summer goals on her blog at the beginning of the summer, one of her goals were to hike the Grand Canyon. I am not that daring to hike the canyon, I am okay with just visiting the canyon.

There is no real way to describe the canyon. It is beautiful and breath taking. The first time seeing it, you pause in wonders, take a deep breath and ask yourself if this imagine your seeing is real. It is a jewel, unique, shining and precious, no other thing can compare.
As I started to take pictures of the wonder, I noticed my pictures just don't express what your eye is really seeing. I did my best taking some great shots, I hope you enjoy. I know it looks fake but trust me, it's real and on a side note, one day I will hike it. (Hopefully I make it, I heard to many horror stories of people dying every year in the canyon.)

Enjoying life, wondering how something so amazing came about~

July 30, 2009

Perfect Weekend Trip: Flagstaff

Day two of trip:

Flagstaff is full of green grass, tress and flowers. The smell of pine mixed with clear fresh air. The colorful flowers and bright blue skies, makes me feel like I am in a forest of paradise. The weather is cool, and the people here are so sweet and genuine. I love flagstaff and the feeling I get when I visit. We spent the night in Flagstaff with my brother and had a great time relaxing before our next stop, The Grand Canyon.

Before I get a head of myself let me rewind. Flagstaff is a very interesting college town, it is nothing like Tempe. It is full of culture and history. The buildings are traditional with dark wood and red bricks. It is filled with great local places to eat and shops. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, like if everyone knows each other. I really enjoy the small town feel.

My favorite memory of Flagstaff was sitting in the back of truck viewing the billions of stars above us in pitch darkness, with the shining fireworks lighting up our cold faces.

Enjoying life in the green~

July 29, 2009

Perfect Weekend Trip

It can get a little hot here in the valley, for this reason weekend trips are great! I took advantage of the 4th of July holiday weekend to experience Arizona. I knew a lot of people taking off to California and Mexico but I decided to adventure off here at home. Friday after work I decided to take off with Armando and venture to Sedona, Flagstaff and....... the Grand Canyon.

Day one of trip:
Sedona, red rocks, windy clouds and the smell of wet dirt, takes me to a healing point inside. Sedona is home to my favorite restaurant, the Hideaway. It is a great little place, hidden in the back of a plaza. It has the view of the Sedona mountains and the creek that runs below the restaurant. Besides the awesome view, it has delicious pizza and root bear floats. Sedona has many adventures and pricey activities, but if you get smart you realized you can do many things for free. We took a back road up this mountain, did some off-roading, talked to some locals and learned about the mountains near by. We ventured off to a trail, realizing we were on the same trail that PINK JEEP takes (an off-road jeep tour, that is over priced). No matter how many times I go to Sedona, it is always my favorite place to escape too!

Enjoy the pictures~ The 70 degree weather never felt so good :)

That glaze, is water! Yup, it was raining for about 30mins, created theses mini waterfalls.

Armando's model pose...with his farmers tan!Batman Mountain, venturing trailed we walked.Precious........I know
The view while driving to Flagstaff, as the storm moves on.

July 15, 2009

Good News, BABY who...

Time has pass and I have been slacking on my blog. I have couple of things I need to update on. However, I have very exciting news and want to tell everyone, so I will come back to the pass couple of weeks soon but,

I would like to present my niece:
Lina Ester Burgess

Yes, she was born yesterday July 14, 2009 to my sister and brother-in-law. Cecilia and Clint are proud parents to Lina, 7lb 11oz and 21 inches long. Both Ceci and Lina are healthy and going home this afternoon. I am very proud of my sister, everyone said she did a great job, she is one strong cookie! I am so happy to be a Tia again, Lina has no idea how happy we all are to have her in our life. My family has been blessed with three handsome nephews, one beautiful niece and now another precious niece, Lina.

It is crazy to think Lina is already here. I feel like yesterday Ceci was calling to give us the good news. I haven't blogged much about Ceci pregnancy, giving her a chance to tell everyone. I hope she forgives me for this. However, I am so happy, I couldn't hide it.

Enjoying life, happy, I love my new baby!