October 28, 2010


Day three into my new place and we already had some people over for festivities!

I carved my very first pumpkin ever!

It was a lot harder than it looks and the pumpkin guts are SICK! However, we had a great time showing off our new place with no furniture but we had cookies and drinks and counters to sit on.

I feel very festive and I am even thinking about passing out candy.

On another note, I am still not use to sleeping in my new room or bed. So I have been watching movies every night in hope I fall asleep during it. However, I have yet to fall asleep and end up staying up to 2:00am, in which my 7:00am alarm comes way too soon.

New place, new adventures, enjoying life-

October 27, 2010


I moved!

I no longer am a 24 graduated professional living with their parents.

However, I cried like a 14 year old little girl when I left my parents home this pass Sunday. In my life there have been times where I tell myself....... "I need to move out, my family is driving me crazy" but from the last time I moved out to the dorms and returned home within two semesters (five years ago) I have never truly pictured myself from moving again. I did spend a summer away from my family but I came for a visit home once and constantly convinced people to come to the bay area to visit me.

So, when I said my goodbye and had a dramatic moment like Laguna Beach when Lauren moves to LA... it was only natural to cry when I put my big sun glasses and waved as I drove away. Although, I then realized I live 15 minutes way from my parents and I really am not alone at my new place, so day 3 living away from home feels okay.

Enjoying life trying to make the new place feel like home....

September 9, 2010

Life...Events and photos.....

So life is a little boring/busy right now....I work!~ but that is not the reason for this post.
This is called catch up in photos. Events in my life for the past three months or so.....

Brace yourself,

Jonathan and Megan came down for a visit with Charlie!
Josue Graduated high-school!!
My baby brother graduate, which means I'm getting super old.
Jacob went to CHINA!
Ya, my little brother performed in China with the Phoenix Children's Choir. AWESOME


Lina turned ONE!
As you can see she enjoyed her party, cake, swimming and everyone's full attention on her!Sadly, Armando's parents moved.
However, we got to spend quality time with them before they left. We miss them all!

Nichole came to visit AZ for the first time!
Nichole is one of my besties from California. She loved AZ and we spent five packed days showing her our beautiful HOT state.
As you can see below we got fake Tattoo's in spirit of our thug side.
Okay, so I still owe you all a couple of pictures but enjoy these for now!

April 29, 2010


I know.....I'm guilty as charged. It's been two months since I posted........ it's awful!
Tears......... Tears........... more Tears............. okay I am done!

I'm back and ready to start writing, Please forgive me, let's put this in the past :)
Wait my excuse....... I have none...... except living my life without adventure, working too much and not expressing my feelings. However, my sad two months of boring..ness is over.

So today marks a new day of adventure............two months needed to make up.
Stay tune for day one.

-Living, breathing and trying to enjoy life again.