September 29, 2009

Birthday wake up call

I'm an awful Human Being.

Little do I know how much I take people for granted.

Little do I realize how much people love me.

Little do I focus on the good things.

Little do I care about others sacrifice.

But now I do realize.

For the past 22 years I expect everyone and anyone to bend over backwards for me, to give me everything I want, to give me a fairytale or a scene in a movie.

I raise my expectations to the sky and if you don't meet it, I mean a inch off, I am disappointed.
I did all of this on my birthday, I expect the perfect day, pack with every awing moment.

I am an awful person.

September 4, 2009: I woke up and realized what I had done.
I didn't thank:

every person that sent me a birthday text
every person who sent me a Facebook message
my dad for making me breakfast
my dad for playing & singing ridiculous birthday songs
Andrea surprising me with yummy cupcakes and McKenzie drawing me a picture of us
my little brothers giving me birthday hugs, wishes and spending the little money they had to by me converts
my brother Jonathan sending me the best birthday video from Flagstaff
my mother taking me to get a pedicure, although I know she didn't have the funds to pay for it
my sister joining us at the pedicure
my sister giving me the best book ever, although she had to go to 10 different stores to find the book
my nieces and nephews giving the best birthday voice message
Armando giving me yellow roses and the best card, knowing how much I love yellow flowers
Armando for being so patient and waiting for me, even though I took three hours at the salon
Armando for looking so fine in my favorite cloths of his
Armando for shaving, I love his baby face
Armando for driving me every where, because I don't have a car
Armando for taking me to dinner even though he didn't have the money for it
Armando for hugging, holding me and giving me everything he could give me.

How could I be so ungrateful?
September 4, 2009 I woke up thankful that I had the best boyfriend a girl could have. I woke up thankful having friends who loved me and spent the time to show me. I woke up thankful having a family that loves me so much. I woke up loved and thankful!
Birthdays are about spending time with those people, birthdays are about being happy, simple and loved in the smallest ways.

- Thank you for the birthday wishes

September 28, 2009

Birthday, oh what fun!

So before September is over I should talk about my birthday. Please note this is not a happy story, more like a pity story, but don't worry it gets better.

Usually I make my birthday a big deal, but turning 23 wasn't really a highlight, plus Armando gave me a hard time about not letting other people, (family and friends) do something for me.
So this year I decided to do nothing for myself. No, party, birthday dinner, dancing, lunch dates, nothing, I wasn't going to plan anything!

So I waited............. and waited.................................... and waited....................................!

11:00am: Still sitting in bed, reading Twlight!

12:30pm: I got out of my bed board from waiting. I discovered my father cooking breakfast and playing a birthday song from his computer. Makes me feel pretty good and loved.

1:00pm: Armando shows up with roses and a card. (Pretty sweet, third time he has ever got me flowers) So excited that the rest of day is about to turn around to something amazing!

Then I went back to waiting.............. and waiting some more! Grr...........

4:00pm: Pedicure with my mom and sister Cecilia. (This is when I received, "Catching Fire", which is amazing) There is a smile on my face because I assume when I get home the evening will start and my toes will look cute.

6:30pm: I'm home, staring at Armando on the couch.

6:35pm: Armando and me have a pretty serious conversation,
C: So what are we doing tonight?
A: I don't know, whatever you want to?
C: Well what do you want to do, or what do you have plan????
A: Umh........It's your birthday you pick?
C: GRR (Wrong Answer)
A: What!
C: I thought you wanted me to sit back and wait for my family and friends to do something, and now you want me to pick, remember you didn't want me to plan anything, I don't get it?
A:'s your birthday I figure we do what you wanted to do.
C: So pretty much you having nothing planned? Grr!
......................... (nothing we sit).....................
A: Fine, lets leave

After arguing and some crying, I ended up at the mall buying myself shoes to make me feel better. Shoes can fix a lot of things!

9:30pm: Finally decided on dinner. During dinner I found out Armando is throwing me a surprise birthday party next weekend!
- Oh how did I find out, HE TOLD ME! so much for a surprise. As much as I want to be happy and excited I feel like the night was awful and he only told me to make me feel bad.

11:00pm: Bed, After much thought someone is in the dog house!

Happy Birthday CANDIDA! Now I remember why I always plan every moment of my birthday ........................... So I am not disappointed.

-Please read next post, you'll realize why I wrote this one.

September 25, 2009

Top 10............

TOP 10 Things I LOVE about the Bay Area (Sunnyvale- San Francisco area)

Pupusas, El Salvadorians pride and joy that make my tummy OH so happy!

#2 The Beach. Must I say more?
#3 The Redwood Forest. The mountains, trees and blue sky can take you to a whole other world. The fresh feeling of being outside with nature makes living life happy!
#4 Tree Hugging. Very popular activity, however these tress are bit large, might need a couple of people to get around this one.
The San Francisco Bridge. Bright orange, breath taking and one of the best landmarks of world.
#6 The Sunsets. Although Arizona has the best sunsets, the bay area has deep orange sunsets with the best weather to go with it.
#7 The Street ART. The streets of San Francisco are tagged up with meaningful and inspirational art. It makes the city vibrant with color and gives your walk a site to see.
#8 The public transportation. No need of a car in the city, the train system can get you there for a cheap price and with no traffic.
#9 Red Mango, The best frozen yogurt, ever! Yummy, delicious and totally ate some every night I was there.
The People! My friends are so amazing and make this place magic. Thank you to Nichole, Marcela and Andy for keeping me alive and going.
-Enjoying life wishing I was still in the Bay Area!

September 17, 2009

A perfect get a way...........

A couple of weeks ago I spent five days in the Bay Area, my second home. It was time to get away from work, family, friends and life over all. I planned my escape to start on a Thursday, a perfect get a way.

I was bringing my bestie Andrea and meeting up with my other half, Nichole. It would be an adventure although I spent last summer living in the Bay Area, it still would be new. After knowing Andrea for seven years and claiming her as my BFF, we discovered we had never traveled with each other. What better way to test our friendship but then bringing her along with me.

Might I say she did a terrific job, you know one of those smelly stickers you get when you do "good job" in third grade. Yup, Andrea kept me sane, maybe that is why we are such good friends.

Enjoy some photos of us on our trip,
More updates from my escape to come....................