December 30, 2007

Family Time

Saturday we went to the swat meet in the morning. I had never been and so Armando, Jacob, Emilee and me decided to get up and go. We had a lot of fun looking at everything people were selling. It was kind of like downtown LA. I got some things but nothing to exciting. After the swat meet we meant Jouse, Mom and Dad at the Phx Art Museum. Jacob had free tickets so we went and enjoyed viewing the Art. They had a lot of good stuff. Dad took the tour while the rest of us took our own tour. One of the coolest things there was the elevator........It was huge!!! It looks like a room but really its an elevator. After the museum we were starving so we went and ate Pupusas.....and well that he the spot. The rest of my day I spent with Armando's family that had come from Mexico. We played the Wii and just hung out. It was a fun day hanging out with Family.

2 years

It’s been two years now! 2 Years dating Armando! It’s been a long time, with so much that has happened but we are still here handing on together. Armando was a sweet heart and took me out to "the Landing" it was awesome. I have wanted to go there for a while now, it was just as amazing as I thought it would be. The view is beautiful. The restaurant is right on Falcon Field, the small airport there. I had a great time. Thank you Armando for such a great night! I will always treasure my gift, I love it.

December 28, 2007

Christmas is Finally here!

I love Christmas!!! What a wonderful holiday, I more is there to say! We woke early and opened gifts it was a blast seeing my little brothers get so excited about everything they got. We enjoyed eating our Tamales and then headed over to the movies around noon. Before the movies I went to see Armando's family and ate some yummy sandwiches of some juicy pork. Then we head to the movies and watched National Treasure 2. Now I don't care what anyone thinks, but I liked the movie. I actually think it was better than the first one. After the movie we went to Megan's house and ate some more. By now I felt like a a huge big pile of food walking around. Now the eating doesn't stop there later that night I had some more Tamales and went to Alisa's house and ate some more treats. Over all I spent time with family and ate to much..................... I love Christmas.

Thank you everyone for the gifts I love them all!

Now I know that you all are probably wondering what this picture is about. Let me explain..... My dad gave all the boys these shirts/jackets and well I said that they reminded me of gangsters shirts. So of course my Armando and Jonathan pinned up there shirts, hiked up there pants and wore a bandanna on there forehead's. So of course Clint and Jacob had to show them up.

Tamales anybody?

Christmas eve we all came over to my mom's house to make some yummy tamales, El Salvadorian way of course. We were suppose to start at 7:30 but we didn't get started in till almost nine. By then Ernest is falling asleep on the couch while my dad is hiding out in his room and Clint is supposedly trying to get the dog to sleep but some how I think the dog put him to sleep. Jouse' was somewhere probably doing what ever teenagers do. Well the woman ended up in the kitchen like always. Jonathan of course was in there but he was supervising us, making sure that we were all doing our job right! Jacob also was there but I'm not sure if he did a Tamale that actually didn't need my mom's input. In the end we made the guys join us and help out. We had a lot of fun telling jokes like always and remember the good old days. Hands down to Megan she kicked but at making Tamales. Oh yes how could I forget..........Ceci and Clint are cheaters and opened gifts before Christmas. Ceci got a cute puppy!!!!!!!! He is absolutely adorable.

Good times!

December 26, 2007

GingerBread Houses

Now I never knew that people made gingerbread house with real gingerbread, I always made it with gramcrackers. Doesn't everybody? Well we figured out that I definitely was brown when the only three brown people were the only ones that had never made gingerbread houses with out gramcrackers.

Anyways it was I had another great night with more friends. Ashling is going to be the next Martha Stewart, in a good way. She is amazing she made everyone two roof pieces four walls a door and a chiming all out of real gingerbread and she made real icing. It was the cutest thing every! Ashling you are awesome, thank you for making this night happen.

Well on with the story, that night we had a contest of the best gingerbread houses! We even made a little neighborhood, there was the white people street and then the ghetto with all the Mexican houses, it was great. Of course I won 1st place.................................oh wait j/k they said mine did not have enough detail work, man its gingerbread house, your going to eat it anyways.


December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Andrea

Monday night I got together with some friends to celebrate Andrea birthday. We had a blast, we made our own pizza and played catch phrase. Awesome!!!! I had a lot of fun playing catch phrase mainly because I am pretty good at the game. So if any one is up for the challenge we should play. Lauren thanks for opening your home to us. Enjoy the pictures and video... Happy birthday Andrea! the Big 21!

Christmas Party Time

Christmas party, one after another. This past weekend I went to at totally of three Christmas parties. Thursday night I went with Armando to his work Christmas party. It was a lot of fun to see the Garcia's which I haven't seen in forever. All of Armando's co-workers are really funny I had a lot of fun and the free FOOD was great. Friday night I went to Alisa work Christmas party. Awe I was her hot El Salvadorian date! Free food ROCKS!!! I finished the weekend up going to our Ward Christmas party on Saturday. Desert was good and hanging out with my family was fun.
I must say my favorite thing about Christmas parties is the FREE FOOD! (hey remember I'm a poor college student, I got to milk it)

December 17, 2007

Grades are In..........

School is finally over!!!! At least till January 15, however for right now school is over! I finally got all my grades today, DRUM ROLL................................................

My Grade Report > 2007 Fall > Undergraduate > Arizona State University

NLM 300
Fund Raising & Resource Dev

NLM 301
Sustainable Communities

NLM 302
Inclusive Community Developmen

NLM 320
Professional Develop Seminar

NLM 420
American Humanics Institute

Current GPA

oh yah! I'm rocking it! It feels good to know that I rock and, yes it feels good. Thank you to everyone that helped me studied for finals, Liz, KK, Lauren, Andrea and of course Armando! Thank you to everyone who help read and correct my papers, Ceci, Clint and Jonathan! It was a lot of long nights and well appreciated all of your help, I couldn't of done it with out you. I love you all and I love my grades.

thank you to all!! :)

December 16, 2007

Midnight SNOW

What adventure! okay most people are going to think I’m crazy but well sometimes I think I’m crazy myself!! The other night Lauren, KK, Andrea and I were all studying!! Now of course studying together we don’t get very far! But this night was different we got far.... all the way to Flagstaff! yup! ROAD TRIP. I know, you think we are crazy but the crazy part of this story was we went at midnight to Flagstaff the night before we had our Biggest Final! What a blast!!! We had so much fun playing in the snow and we actually studied a lot more than we thought we would! Now you all probably want to know how we came up with this idea. It all started with KK showing us pictures from Flagstaff of the snow. Then we went in to talking about snow and how there was so much in Flag. See KK has never seen snow and so we decided that we could plan a day trip to Flag. We couldn’t decided on a day were we all had work off. So of course Andrea comes up with the idea to go that night, and of course I jump on the idea, convincing KK and Lauren was pretty easy. So at 11 pm we decided to go to Flagstaff to see the snow. It truly was a blast and a memory I will never forget, hurray for snow and good friends.

December 14, 2007

Studying is always a blast when your study with the combination of Andrea, Lauren and KK. To much fun can sometimes occurs and especially when were not studying at the Library. We ended up making cookies and buying ice cream during out break, which might of lasted way to long! The idea was great buy I must say there was a twist to those cookies! Andrea what did you forget to add?

December 10, 2007

Holiday Party

Saturday night I went to Nationwide Services Christmas party! The food was great! Shrimp and sushi to start out with and yummy food from Don Jorges! I ate way to much, I felt like I was going to explode. Besides that we had a white Elephant exchange, I almost got a movie ticket but in the end they did a twist and I ended up with a Burger King gift card. Who eats Burger King anymore?? The night was fun and I got a GREAT bonus!!! Thank you to everyone planing it.

Temple Lights!

Sunday night we went to see the lights at the Temple. We got to hear a Choir sing some beautiful Hymns as we enjoyed freezing our butts off. Mom came prepaid, she wore a shirt, a sweater, a jacket with a scarf and gloves, oh and I cant forget that she wore two pairs of pants. We also walked around and saw all the pretty lights , which Armando says we see every single year and they never change. Someone was a little bitter from the cold!

The night was fun, Dad hung out by him self for some reason but the rest of us enjoyed our company. Plus Armando thinks he looks really good in that turtle neck, but I don't know. I think he is just to confident.

Hope you all can go and see the lights!!

Jacob's Concert

I know everyone couldn't make it to the concert on Saturday but let me tell you, everyone not there missed a great show! Jacob rocked it!!!! Jacob is an amazing singer and a pimp. Check it out, girls wanted to take pictures with him. I try to charge them but Jacob is to nice and took pictures for free. Okay well maybe it didn't go down like that but we all sure stared at him when he was talking to the girls, how embarrassing!

Just want to thank Nationwide for donating to the silent action, I know we sold the stone! It was a great time to celebrate Jacobs achievement in Choir. I hope we all can make it to the next concert. Shout out to Josue for dressing so nice. (Dad made him wear church pants) Plus who didn't go with us to eat pupusas after wards missed out on free food that was amazing!!! Jacob your the Man!

Emilee: Future Nationwide Employee

The Future of Nationwide:
Last Saturday Emilee stop by my work to help out while her dad did some airens. She ended up wearing my heels with my head set on in my office. She thought she was pretty cool because she was playing big girl she even wanted to get paid. Bubbly Gum had to do instead of Cash! To bad when it came to cleaning the office she played like she didnt work there anymore.Well Emilee I had a good time with you at work! You are absoulety cute with my shoes on. Next time you come to work make sure you do your hair, cochina!

Ceci's Birthday Dinner at Benihana's

Ceci, how old are you now? Well the night was a lot of fun! I had a great time hanging out with my brothers and sisters. The place was a little pricey but I think it was worth it. It was a great atmosphere and our cook was pretty funny. Ceci, didn't get to wear his hat but she did get free chocolate ice cream. Some of us were complaining about how they give you sections of your food at different times, but if you look at it from Clint's prospective you burn calories eating small meals at a time! :) However my food was the last one to get there, but it sure was the best! yummy!

Thank you to everyone who came out. Ceci hoped you enjoyed your gift. Sorry Clint, I know Ceci probably made you watch The Notebook that night and maybe another time during the weekend. By the way, you all missed out on watch the Golden Compass that night! It was an awesome movie. Hands down to the polar bears.
love ya all,

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Malkou's

Thanksgiving dinner was a lot of fun filled with a lot of DRAMA! Poor John broke his foot, which he claims Ernest did it and well Ernest claims different. The mysterying will go on. We had a lot of people there but that is what made it so awesome. I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed the yummy food! Frying the turkey was delicious but it sure was dangerous. Thank you to everyone who cooked! Emma thanks for opening your home to all of us.

Enjoy the pictures