January 27, 2008

Mt. View vs. Westwood?

I went and graduated at Westwood high School. Actually three other siblings have also graduated form Westwood High School. Westwood was a great place to be, I was active in clubs and activities. I went to football games, I learned our chant and even went to couple of school dances. I loved Westwood, my blood ran orange and blue! My favorite part of high school was playing for the Girls Soccer Team. Now we weren't the number one team or even third. But none of that matter to us, we went out there had a great time and kicked some butt. My family has a reputation through WW Soccer. All siblings played on Varsity and were granted MVP. (Most Valuable Player) So it was only Natural the my two younger brothers go to Westwood.
When it came down to it Josue and my Dad had a different plan. Josue would go to Mt. View. Now from around here the in the high school world Mt. View and Westwood are the biggest rivals. So when we heard about Josue going to MtV it became a big deal.
Josue has been going to MtV for a year now. As for us Alumni of Westwood high school we have had to deal with a the betrayal. We still support Josue while he plays for MTV soccer but it sure is hard to not to want to sing WW chants. We are Warriors that kill Toroes for breakfast.
Most of the family went to see Josue play some good soccer vs the Westwood team. It was a good a game and no matter what happen I came out wining who ever won. (just for the record MtV won, but only because of Josue! :)
Enjoy the pictures.....

P.S. This is proof that Emma showed up to a Game! :)

Mom? Mommy? Mother?

Being a Mother.
I wondering what it takes to be a mom. I wonder if I will be a good mom? Most people tell me that I will be a good mom, but I don't know, I'm afraid to be a mom. How do you know what and when your baby needs something. How do you just know? That is my question to all you mothers. Now I'm not expecting to be pregnant any time soon but this past month I got to hang out with my best friend Jo. It is always amazing to watch her and her daughter interact. Jo and I are the same age, but she has a completely different world then me. Jo is a full time mom and full time wife. Jo was born and she was ready to be a mom, on the other hand, babies like to cry when I hold them. Will I ever be a good mom?
Joanell invited me over the other night for dinner. We made "chimichangas" and played with her daughter Emma Lee. I love watching Joanell play with Emma Lee, its like she knew exactly what to do, she is a great mom.
My biggest fear of having children is not being ready, but I figure......... I will never be ready.

To all you mothers, I want you to know I admire your courage and faith
in being wonderful Mom's.

Goodbye Kansas

Kansas City was an adventure filled with fun. I have never had a better school trip ever. I really felt that the institute was about us, the students. We were free to choose our workshop that best fit us. We also got the opportunity to do mock interviews and for those brave souls, they did real interviews. I cant wait for the next AHMI, I will defiantly be there. The AHMI institute is place to learn more about the Non-profit world and meet the professionals out in the field. Besides preparing us for the non-profit experiences, AHMI really helps to untie your student organization. I feel like I have really bonded and made a place for my self with our AH class. I know it will be an essential tool to know and have a relationship with all of the AH students. ASU really has one of the best set ups for us American Humanic students. I am really glad that I can take advantage of this program. I hope to grow even more than I have already did. The AHMI Institute truly is a great experience to learn and meet other students that have the same passion for the Non-Profit world. We will make a change in this world.
Thank you ASU for creating a wonderful program.

January 25, 2008

Almost to the end.

I'm almost done with my trip to Kansas.

Both nights we got a chance to go out a discover Kansas city. The first night we went ICE Skating. What a blast, my favorite part was watching Melissa and Mallory learn how to Ice Stake for the first time. Girls you were brave! We had a good time racing each other (which I might add I won) taking millions of pictures, dancing in a train and just ice skating. Towards the end of the night Andrea and Traci got brave and ran through the fountains. Let me remind you it was freezing outside. Enjoy the pictures....

Check out Jen trying to Skate backwards.

The last night we decided to hit the streets. We went down to a plaza where they had tons of restaurants and shops. We walked the streets and enjoyed listen to the live music. The first stop of live music was with two younger teens (a girls and a boy sitting on the street playing their violin and guitar. It was really cute, you could totally tell that the boy liked her. It was adorable to see them plan. After that we walked to the end of the plaza where we hared a father and his daughter singing. She was about 13 years old but she sang like an angel. We had a good time dancing to there music. We ended the night at a restaurant, some really good barbecue!! yummy.

We got back to our hotel and adventured around the area. We took some dumb pictures before we got to our rooms. We ended up inviting people over to the cool room (Andrea and My room). Some people stayed up pretty late, but I hit the sack after it was 2:00am. It was a lot of fun getting to know everyone just a little bit more. Good secrets went down that night in our hotel room, oh what a joy..

January 22, 2008

More of Kansas City

In Kansas City we got to dress up in business professional clothes. Every night of the institute, we had dinner together as a group. The first night was the opening dinner in larger ballroom. Every American Humanics schools was there. We were all spread out in different tables so we could network. It was okay at first but by the end of the dinner small talk was running out. We got to eat fancy food though, which we ended up being hungry after dinner. Fancy food isn't always that great. It looks a lot prettier on your plant than it is to eat. The next night was my favorite night. We got to go associate our self with Bob Long. He invited our entire ASU group to his suite for drinks and chips. We then got to walk with him to our restaurant where we had a great dinner. I made sure to save a sit for Bob, which I am glad I did. We got to talk with him through out the entire dinner. Wow, he is a great speaker, I cant wait to do more work with him. The last night we had dinner again in the large ballroom. This time we got to sit with our group for dinner. We had a great time taking pictures and guessing what we were having for dinner.

January 17, 2008

Why Kansas???

Well lately everyone has been asking me, Why Kansas?
Well let me give you a brief run down on why I went to Kansas.
For all of you who don't know I am a Non-Profit Organization Management major. Being a part of this major, I get the chance to receive a American Humanics Certificate. The mission of American Humanics is to prepare, educate, and inspire future nonprofit leaders. Basically I get the opportunity to connect with other nonprofit students and network with many nonprofit professionals. Part of my certificate is to take a class called AHMI, NLM420. This class is all about the institute we get to go to in January which happens every year. In the class we get the opportunity to fundraising to travel to the institute site. Which this year was in Kansas City and next year it will be in Indianapolis!
In the end I get a trip that I only had to pay $200 for. Plus I experience a new city, meet and network with tons of nonprofit professionals, learn new things about our career and have a great time with all of my friends.
That is about it, hope you all understood....
Why Kansas City!

January 10, 2008

Kansas City, Missouri cont.

That night we went to a bar/grill restaurant. We got to here a jazz band play. They were a little more 0n the swing side, but over all it was great to hear. Check it out
In Kansas, I guess like to fry everything. From pickles to mushrooms. To get the full experience of Kansas we went ahead and tried it all. I'm not a fan of any of it. Those fried pickles were not pleasing at all. I don't think any one liked them, excepts some of you odd balls.
After hanging out there. We walked to Kansas City, Kansas. Yup we walked all the way to Kansas City, Kansas. Okay.................. really we just walked across the street. We ate right on the state line. It was truly a exciting moment to be in two places at once. (awe "A walk to remember")

Kansas City " The City of Fountians"

Where do I start..... Kansas City was a blast. Four days, three nights of true excitement. I cant remember a dull moment the whole time. The first couple of days is was absolutely freezing, 19 degrees when we landed in Kansas City. It was so bad, I actually enjoyed, it was a different change. Not everybody felt the same way as me. Andrea looked out the window of the plane and all you could see is white! She pretty much flipped that it was snowing, but what else could you expect? The first couple of pictures are of us wondering Kansas city. We ate lunch at this amazing restaurant called Friez. The theme of the restaurant was a train station. The place attracted mostly children under ten, but us ASU students are over ten but still a child at heart. Now what really got us excited was the train that delivered your food! Yes you read right a train.... you called in your food from your table then when it was ready a train from the top of the wall would pass by and drop your food in a basket. which then the basket would lower it self and there was your hamburger. I know.... this was amazing.

We also went down to the train station. yup a really train station....... It was really cool to see the history of the train station and how this building has been up for so many years. I took a picture of the ceiling as you will see. The design is beautiful, I cant image how long and detail that work must of took.

There will be more about Kansas city soon. So keep coming back to my blog to hear more about it.