February 22, 2008

Were'nt we doing Homework?

Monday night I went to the library to work on homework with Jaclyn. Lauren popped in a little later to answer some questions. After two hours of laughing and talking we gave up on homework and decided to go to the movies. We checked the movie times and decided to go! We decided on watching Step in Up 2 the Streets! The movie was predictable but the dancing made up for it. Girls the night was fun, here is a video of my favorite part.

February 19, 2008

Its the little things that count!

Oh how I wish I was two again. Seriously, when your tiny, what are you thinking of?
My life is full of pure busy busy busy bee! I have ten million things to think off and ten more million thing to worry about. It's one thing after another.
Oh, how I wish I could go back to the days when all I was worried about was who's house I was going to play at after school or what I was going to have for my snack.
Well I came to ponder all of this because this past Friday I baby-sat one of my nephews. He is only two years old and he has a blast living his life. He is beginning to talk, talk and talk some more. One of his favorite things to do is to stand on my desk and look at my fish, point and say FISH, over and over again. He is easily intrigued, I don't think he can comprehend such a small creature swimming in a water, but he loves it. Watching my nephew makes me enjoy the little things in life, because the little things count, especially to him. Well take a look at my adorable nephew!
I love you Noah!


February 16, 2008

Oh, those long days!

One of my longest day at school is Wednesday. I am here all day long but the best part of it is hanging out with my girls! Lunch or Dinner dates always and adventure. This past Wednesday I went to Oreganos with Traci, Andrea, and Kk. The ride there was far the best ride I have had in a long time. Traci has a particular taste of music but we all finally agreed on good old Destiny Child. It took us forever to get to the restaurant, but the car ride was worth it. The girls had no idea I was filming but that is always the best, because you all get to see the real side of them.

Devils' Advocates Rock!

Dia de Amor

St. Valentine Day!!! What a day, at 4:00pm the only plans I had was to hang out with my girlfriends Lauren and Kristina, but with one phone call my plans changed. Armando decided at last minute he would take me out. Nothing big or special but just some good fun! We haven't had a chance to hang out lately since both us have been super busy. With that said, it was nice to do something down to earth and simply. Armando always puts a smile on my face. He is such a goof ball, I love him so much. Here are some pictures for us at the movies.......one of my favorite things to do. (We are both movie lovers, we watched Jumper and Defiantly Maybe, both movies were great)

Hope you all had a happy Valentines day, I sure did.

Here is a sad quote that I enjoyed from the blog Post Secret:

"The only thing worse than being single on St. Valentine Day is wishing you were single"


February 11, 2008


Man, time flies by way to fast. I can’t believe it’s already the 11th. Well sorry I am always writing about my life one week later. I will catch up soon.

Feb. 4th went to dinner with one of my good friends, Alisa. It has been forever since we got to hang out. It was her birthday, her 21st! (Finally, she is such a baby compared to all of her another friends). I had a great time catching up and watching her enjoy her 21st!

Alisa and I go way back, all the way to our sophomore year of high school. We didn’t hit it off as best friends at first but of course we eventually did. She was the quite, shy, good girl, with a lot to say but never said too much. Well not at least until she meant me. Alisa was a completely different girl then she appeared. She was just waiting to find her spot to shine. We learned a lot from each other, and eventually directed our life’s in separate ways. Even though we are in different parts of our life, Alisa is always there for me. She is one good Friend you always want to keep. Well, Happy Birthday Alisa! Hope it was a great one. Don’t worry we can go to Vegas soon! :)


February 8, 2008

Who you calling Ugly?

The Civil Rights Movement, is it over yet?
As Audre Lorde said "...the white women ignore their built-in privilege of whiteness."
“For as long as any difference between us means one of us must be inferior".

Here is an experience in my life, that I wont forget...........
Last Thursday I went to a free concert with a group from school. Since the Super Bowl was in town, there was a lot of vibe and excitement happening every night. We were very fortunate to be accepted to participate with the pit crowd in Super Bowl Pepsi Smash concert. There were very strict rules that we all had to follow to participate. One of the main rules was to dress "Hip". As I arrived to the concert at 4:30 with my group from school, we waiting one hour in till finally we actually got to enter the "pit".

As we entered they had a young man from VH1 directing us to stand in certain places. He separated my group and put us towards the middle. However he did allow certain people to stand first row next to the stage. He said that we had to stand where he put us for the purpose of the angle of the cameras view. As more people entered he directed some towards the back and some towards the front, separating everyone from their group. Our group of friends nudged our way to front as we waited for more people to enter the area. The same young man from VH1 asked my group at the front to take a couple of steps back. As we did he directed some girls to the front to stand right in front of us. The people that had been standing there already for 45mins could not understand how these girls (which were dress very inappropriate, but considered Hip) would just be directed to stand in front of us. The VH1 gentlemen had one thing to say, "We are trying to make it diverse and look good for the angle of the cameras". What is that suppose to mean, were our looks not good enough for the camera?

It only got worse, as we stood there guarding our ground. The same young man would ask us to take a couple steps back and would bring another row of young inappropriately dressed girls to stand in front of us. This young man as he states "I am just doing my job" did this same routine again and again, until he had layered the "other" people towards the back leaving the blonde or brunette, skinny, and white sorority girls to the front! (I won’t state what sorority it was but it sure was a sorority). In the end there was only one women of color at the very front, besides that the rest were the typical Barbie girls which I would like to add they sure did do a great job in ignoring my presence as I stood behind them.

VH1, I never have been so openly discriminated in front a group of people.

A true SLAP in the face!

February 7, 2008

Double Dip!

Okay, I want to apologize for not updating my blog recently. I just have been so busy with school, Devils' Advocates, (2) jobs, oh yes and that sorry thing I call my social life! (Let’s just say I haven’t had one) I want to let all my readers know, I am still alive!

As most of you know I started another blog. Now the great thing about this blog is that I get paid to Blog. Yes, I know this job is AWESOME!! So a lot of my blogging time has been dedicated to that blog. But please don’t worry, I am starting to learn how to juggle so I will be posting on both blogs. This blog is all about my Life! The other blog is more about my school experience! So between both blogs I will try not to double dip!

Please keep in tune with both blogs, I promise I won’t let you down.

Thanks for reading


February 3, 2008

Change for America, Obama?

January 30 2008 Barack Obama Speech:
Cheers from the crowd echoed through out the arena "Obama, Obama, Obama"! I have never attended a Presentational speech and was not sure what to expect. I do not consider myself a strong active citizen, as I would like to be. So I have decided it is time! That day would be like any other day in till I was invited to attend the speech of a lifetime. Before I carry on I do want my readers to know I am not a democrat or a republican I am a citizen discovery where I want to stand, I am undecided. I only want to share my college experience of the political world to my readers. One of my professor said to me, "It is not in till you get to college do you begin to discover who and where you stand", so I attend to do so, discover.

As I sat in the crowd and gazed through out the stadium and analyzed the people I wondered, what made them come to the speech today? I saw people of every age, from younger children with their parents to older couples hand in hand. What sparkled in their eyes, what dwelt in their hearts? As Obama reach the stage, the crowd cheered harder and harder shouting his name. I was anxious to hear what he had to say, obviously he had caught the hearts of these people there. Hope, believing, change.....all of these words were used with power to deliver the great speech he gave. Obama states, "that a change is needed, the change needs to occur now". With this said in the first five minutes, Obama had already caught my attention. He goes on making many promises, my only concern is he truly going to keep them, here are some of my favorite things he said...

"I meet teachers that are working second jobs to make ends meet, who are digging in their pockets for money, to buy school supplies. Prisons are new, but schools are old. Teacher will have a higher salary".

"47 million American with out Health Care. We have a broken Health Care! If I am elected president, everyone will have access to Health Care as much as I do as a congress man, and I will make this happen by the first term as president".

"College affordable for every young person. We will give a loan up to 4,000 for college but to repay us back we want you to volunteer for your community. We will invest in you, you will need to invest in America".

" I don't just want to end the war but end the mind set that got us into the war".

"All of this is possible if we are ready for change".
Obama made plenty of promises, and I am pretty sure that all running for president are making promises as well. I know they can talk, but the important part is if they can walk the talk. Obama did say, "I am not going to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear, as president". We will just see what happens.
I am ready for change, I am ready for change to happen now. I just don't know who should lead that change. But, Obama is very passionate about believing in the change of America.

I advice all of you to get out there, get involved now, if not you are going to be left behind and then it's too late.