February 16, 2009

Materialistic vs. Real Love

Valentine's Day: a holiday to express and share love with your sweetheart!
And that is what exactly what Armando did.
I am going to have to confess! I sometimes consider myself a material person...and...well.... its a bad thing! I know we all like material things, but I am willing to confess, I might expect material things....just sometimes. Okay no judging.... the first step of recovery is stating your problem, so bare with me.

Every year, for the past three years I have always dreamed up this big Valentine event! With roses and chocolates... a tear bear... and all of those gushy things you see in on T.V. I mean I always just thought... how hard can it be.
The first year me and Armando began our courtship, I decorated his room with hearts... yup a heart attack like no other. The seconds year, rented a helium tank and filled his room with balloons. Finally my third year after two years of disappointment (on my standards) I decided to take it down a notch and put chocolate kisses through out his room. Of course he had a trail of hearts from the front door to his room, where he found this huge sign telling him how much I loved him.I know what your thinking..... I'm crazy.... I already know, but seriously I always thought it was so easy, now that I sit back and think about it.. none of it was easy. Everything cost money..(lots) and it took me at least four hours of my day to decorate his room.

So where is all of this going? Well this year Armando asked me if we could postpone Valentine's to the end of the month. I thought about it and it worked out okay. I am recently broke and hadn't thought of what I would do for him. I told myself, not to expect anything, and honestly I was okay with it. This Valentine's Day was the best Valentine I have ever had!
No not because I didn't get anything but because I didn't expect anything. Armando, the sweetheart he is knew he had to trick me for things to actually be a surprise.
Armando took time to decorate my room on Friday with heart balloons and Hershey Kisses surrounding my floor and bed. I had a long day at work, and to walk into my room and surprised of what Armando took the time to do for me. Tears really filled my eyes, I was so thankful!
This set the my mood for the rest of the weekend. The next day we had a panic dinner with my all time favorite Chocolate cake, "The great Wall of Chocolate" from PF Changes. Please be advise, this a very sinful piece of cake. Your diet will be executed, filled with thousands of calories, but know, its soooo worth it. Call me if you're going.I hope everyone Valentine's or as some like to say Single Awareness day, was great!

Enjoy life, not expecting every move of the day!

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! I have a surprise.....but you will have to wait for later to hear all about it. For now enjoy the video I made for my Valentine. (Make one for your Valentine on Animoto)

February 8, 2009

Random things in Germany

So I never got a chance to tell you about all the random things I found in Germany. Yes, there were many "randoms" on my trip, but I went ahead and narrowed them down to the top 5 things you find in Germany and not in America. So sit back and enjoy a good laugh.

Random Hit #1
Shoe Shining machine
Yup, that is right, I stayed in three different hotels, and every single one of them had a free shoe shiners. Nice, my shoes looked great, but random.Random Hit #2
I had never really thought about it but the cross walk signs are completely different. Yeah, I guess a lot of different countries have different signs. Common sense, but random.Random Hit#3
Car size
As you all have seen in movies or maybe you have travel around Europe, the streets are narrow and small. For this reason you get majorly small, small, small cars. The smallest car I saw, was a one sitter with three wheels. Here is a picture of an average size vehicle in Germany. Random Hit#4
Coat Racks
Now most of you all know what a coat rack is used for. I know we don't use them in Arizona but most of you have traveled somewhere in the mid-west or east, where they do use them.
In Berlin we kept seeing these green telephone booths in random places on the street. Little did we know they were not telephone booths, they actually were coat racks. Yes, random coat racks on the side of street. I know, your thinking how odd, but there is a sense to this green booth. They were actually coat racks for police officers. Kind of makes sense but still random.Random Hit #5
This was one of the most exciting parts of Europe, the Bathrooms and by far the most random thing I found in Germany. See there I am on the seat, finishing up my routine, wipe, stand, buckle and then flush. When all of sudden I'm looking for the to handle to flush. I look around for a moment and then I notice this huge button in front of my eyes. I then realize this huge, 2 foot button infront of me is the flush. How weird.... no handle!
So that is the winner, if you don't see a handle, look for the giant button in front of your eyes.

Enjoy life, and the randoms-

February 5, 2009

School in Session

Today was my first test of the semester, yes I know....we are what, week three and my professor already has the urge to test me. I tried to be a good student and write my note cards out and make a plan to start studying the week off the test. However, it got down to Wednesday night and there I am studying at least sixty notes cards, with words like "non-spuriousness" and "serendipity pattern", honestly I hope I never have to use terms like these in my career.
Overall, the true outcome to this blog is the fact to tell you all of the many other things I rather be doing then learning sixty terms about Research and statistics.

#1 Sleeping! Here are my niece and nephews, asleep after a long day of playing, 4 people, 2 dogs, can you find them all.#2 Getting a pedicure with my girls. My mom, 3 sisters and niece.
#3 Being KISSED! oh yes, I love to kiss, but I love it more when Armando kisses me.
#4 Having Dinner with my girl friends, plus drinking VIRGIN margarita, I love fancy drinks.

#5 Blogging! What else do I need. :)

-Enjoying life, NOT studying!