October 28, 2010


Day three into my new place and we already had some people over for festivities!

I carved my very first pumpkin ever!

It was a lot harder than it looks and the pumpkin guts are SICK! However, we had a great time showing off our new place with no furniture but we had cookies and drinks and counters to sit on.

I feel very festive and I am even thinking about passing out candy.

On another note, I am still not use to sleeping in my new room or bed. So I have been watching movies every night in hope I fall asleep during it. However, I have yet to fall asleep and end up staying up to 2:00am, in which my 7:00am alarm comes way too soon.

New place, new adventures, enjoying life-

October 27, 2010


I moved!

I no longer am a 24 graduated professional living with their parents.

However, I cried like a 14 year old little girl when I left my parents home this pass Sunday. In my life there have been times where I tell myself....... "I need to move out, my family is driving me crazy" but from the last time I moved out to the dorms and returned home within two semesters (five years ago) I have never truly pictured myself from moving again. I did spend a summer away from my family but I came for a visit home once and constantly convinced people to come to the bay area to visit me.

So, when I said my goodbye and had a dramatic moment like Laguna Beach when Lauren moves to LA... it was only natural to cry when I put my big sun glasses and waved as I drove away. Although, I then realized I live 15 minutes way from my parents and I really am not alone at my new place, so day 3 living away from home feels okay.

Enjoying life trying to make the new place feel like home....