November 26, 2008

Help Save Lives

Now I am not a coffee drinker, there are very rare times I actually drink coffee. (Usually when I am pulling an all-nighter studying for finals!) But, how I know so many of you that do, so please take the time to watch this video, help the cause.

November 27, every time you buy a special (STARBUCKS) RED product, a contribution will be made to the Global Fund, to help save lives in Africa, through (RED) WIRE. It’s all part of our commitment to give back to the communities where Starbucks dose business.

Wait you don't drink coffee either....Well you can still help by purchasing items that have signed on with (RED) WIRE to send money to Africa to help the HIV cause. So please go to the website below and purchase Christmas gifts from these companies that are giving back. We are all connected and can help Together!

Enjoy Life- Together

November 25, 2008

The cool List

I guess I missed it. Yup ....I got the the cool list.
See right now, everybody has a blog post about Twilight, and how they went to see it. Either they are a dying fans or someone drag them out to see it. Well I am neither, no one drag me and I'm not a fan. But here I am writing a blog about how I missed Twilight.
Seriously everybody is taking about the Vampire movie, they have pictures and funny stories about the night. Its not that I didn't know it was playing, everybody has been taking about the movie with the cute guy named Edward. Obviously I didn't know I was really missing out.
Well, guess what I did that night, I took a test till 10:00pm for my online class. After that had dinner with Armando and Native. Came home and crashed by midnight. No, cool stories, no cute pictures, just another ordinary day for Candi.
I must be getting old!
And I must be the only person that hasn't seen Twilight yet.
I have high hopes to maybe see it this weekend.

Until then, enjoy life-

November 21, 2008

Opportunity of a Life Time!

Its official I am the intern for the 2010 American Humanics Management Institute!

What does that mean? First of all, I have a internship when I graduate and which entitles a 40 hour J.O.B! I have a contract to work with AHMI till Feb 2010. It also means I will be planning the annual institute for 1,000 students and nonprofit professional nationwide. The institute will be held in Phoenix, AZ, in January of 2010. This is pretty huge for me, I will get the opportunity to literally plan a conference, using all of the skills I have gained for the past four years at ASU. I will get to help fundraise and plan the entire 4 day event!!!

I have officially already started my internship last Thursday, I will not be putting as many hours in until January 2009 but it will still keep me busy. I extremely excited to get things started and to really get my hands wet in event planning. I hope I can make 2010 institute the best year ever. I want to thank everyone who helped me get to this spot in my life. I could not be happier, thank you....I feel as if though I have already succeeded.

(AHMI 2008 in Kansas City, looking forward to AHMI 2009 Indianapolis)

Want to know more about AHMI? Visit their site: Click here "The American Humanics Management/Leadership Institute (AHMI) is an intensive educational symposium established by American Humanics in 1973. AHMI provides the capstone experience in nonprofit management and leadership education. Local and national nonprofit leaders present issues pertinent to professional leadership and engage participants through workshops, dialogues, forums and case studies". You can also watch a video about American Humanics "Turning Passion into Results"

November 18, 2008

All grown up!

Last week was my nephew's birthday, Noah turned three. As I showed up to the birthday party I started to realize how time had pass so fast. It feels just like yesterday that I was holding Tyler in my arms. Its unbelievable to think he is now ten years old. I have a total of three nephews and one niece, and they are growing up too fast. It's about that stage where they start think there Tia, is old and not as cool as they thought she was. It's okay, at heart I still feel like the cool Tia, no matter what.
Its kind of like when you were younger and people would come up to you and say, oh I remember when you were this tall, I remember you running around in diapers. Yah, I am becoming that person.

Well Noah's birthday was a wake up call...I really need to be a better aunt. I really need to spend more time with my nephews and nieces before they are too old. The rest of evening I sat back just watched my family.....we are all growing up.
All Noah wanted for his birthday was a shotgun so he could shoot the birds. Where he got this idea, I will have to say from his brothers and there BB gun, a little scray. So, for now he got a toy shot gun.

I must say though, Ceci made the cake, an ice cream cake. I was very impressed with her new
talent, it tasted delicious.

Enjoy life...before your grown up...

November 16, 2008

I am NOT a Cowgirl

Saturday morning Armando decided to surprise me and take me out to Cave creek. Why Cave Creek you ask...well he had arranged a horse back riding. I have never ridden a horse! Yes, you read right never! You think I would of, considering my best friends both have horses (Jo and Andrea) or maybe the fact the my brother use to be a cowboy and my sister would ride horse all the time with her friends. I mean I have seen a plenty amount of horses, (I'm in the Lehi Stake, bound to seeing and smell farm life) I even went to feed and clean horses.
Well any how back to my story, Armando surprised me with a fun morning riding horses. We had a good time while a tour guide took us around the mountains in Cave Creek. The day was perfect, not to hot, not to cold, clear skies! Riding a horse for the first time was a little scary but within the first 15mins I was getting the hang of it. I must say though, I am NOT a cowgirl....I am Urban city girl, wearing my Converts, jeans and Peace earrings with my city scarf, I look a little ridiculous riding a horse.
I know, I am wearing a cowgirl hat... which I am totally not a cowgirl, but it was fun wearing it. :)-Enjoying life, and the adventures in it.

November 5, 2008

Happy Obama Day!

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America -- I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you -- we as a people will get there," Obama, Chicago, Illinois Nov. 4th 2008

History was made last night, Obama is the first African-American to win the White House. Yesterday was a day filled excitement and pride in our country. Casting my vote in the historic election, is going to be a day I never forget. My father and I both had a chance to vote for the first time in our lives. My father a recent citizen since September was every thrilled to cast his ballot. He had a lot of questions but we both walked out proud to have our stickers, I voted today!

Campus was also filled with the exciting feeling of presidential election! I spent some time in the Cronkite building at the presidential election count down. They had popcorn, cookies and the large screen projecting the votes coming in. A lot of students came out to support McCain and Obama. The Cronkite students where filming and interviewing live through out the event. The school even had Mayor Gordon stop by the event. It was a great place to be excited about the election. Although I wish I was in Chicago that night.

Overall, it was a proud day to be United States citizen

Wait! Except the fact that we still elected a hate-mongering sheriff to his 5th term. I am really disappointed in Arizona. A man that can beat people in prison to death and get away with it. A man that can focus so much hate towards immigrants and spend our tax money on witch hunts for day to day people living their normal lives. Its called Racial profiling! Congrats to change but when will Arizona notice that we are being left behind in step towards change. When will Arizona learn that hate is never the answer.

Enjoy life-

November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween

This Halloween I didn't get a chance to plan my annual party, but I still got a chance to have fun with my family. The day before Halloween my brothers and I tried to put their costumes together from things we found around our home. If you have ever been to my house, you know we have to much of random things, laying around. My brothers decided they were going to be nerds, I thought of maybe being a princess, I put my Quincenera dress on but it wouldn't zip up all the way. I guess I am not the same size as I was when I was 14, how sad.
(Jouse and Jacob)

Halloween day was filled with different people. I started by picking up my niece from school, she needed some help putting her costume. She wanted to be a vampire and all she had was a cap. We stopped by my Tyler and Sebastian home (nephews) to say hi. Tyler was pretty excited about his costume, he was a TACO! Yup you heard me right, a Taco. I mean who wouldn't be excited about something like that.(Tyler)

(Ernest and Emilee)
I ended up going home painting Emilee's face, rushing to get dressed and headed over Andrea's home. I had to paint McKenzie's face, she was a little butterfly! We all then headed over to the ward truck and treat.(Mckenzie)

I finally headed home, finished getting ready and went out with my girlfriends.(Luly, Me, Lauren)

Enjoy the pictures. Enjoy Life!

November 3, 2008

It's Time.

Finally, tomorrow is the big day! Voting day! Please get out there and vote. Two candidates, make your choice.....



Who ever you choose, exercise your freedom and Vote.

Enjoy life-