January 30, 2009

STA Travel's 2009 World Traveler Internship

Our fellow StAR member Amarone Thach was introduced to the creative world of video. I was able to give him some pointers on imovie to better advance his skills of film. I am honestly blow out of the water of how his end piece turned out. I know he has spent all of this his free time working diligently on this video for the pass couple of weeks. Amarone's ability to warp him self around something he is really cares about and create such an amazing piece is true passion. He defiantly deserves this position with STA, and if they don't choose him, they will missing out on the best candidate. I know his creativity and passion will lead him to go far in his career of Tourism. (What to learn more about STA and Amarone, click here)

Do me a favor, watch the video, enjoy a good laugh and don't forget to get on YouTube and vote, FIVE STARS! ......Enjoy

January 21, 2009

History in the Making!

Today will be a proud day in American history. Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president.
Years later, generations will look back at this day in history books as the day America made the choose for change. Where hundreds of thousands of people streamed into Washington to witness his inauguration as the first African-American to be elected to the office of President in the United States.

Looking back into history, I can never imagine what it really felt like when Martin Luther King gave his speech, "I have a Dream". I begin to think this feeling of being proud to be American and excited for change is maybe a fraction of what those 250,000 people whom marched on Washington, D.C to listen Dr. King address felt.
President Obama, just like Dr. King was ready for change.

Recalling a verse from the 1st Book of Corinthians, Obama said, “The time has come to set aside childish things,” and he declared: “Today, I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. “But know this, America — they will be met.”

-Enjoy life, enjoy America!

January 16, 2009

Passion from the inside-out

I have just return from another trip but this time it was directed towards educational purposes. Indianapolis is known for the Indy car races, Motor Speedway Hall of Fame, breaded pork tenderloins, and even the famous Steak and Shake. However, this year Indianapolis housed the American Humanics Management Institute. Where 800 students were surround with nonprofit CEO, VP, board members and professionals. Just as last year in Kansas City, the institute was filled with well-rounded workshops, a national dialog, case study, career expo, placement services, and new to this year, a service project. This institute is a national conference for so many students to really get the vibe of what American Humanics is all about. For me, it was the seal of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The institute is filled with inspirational moments that inspire students to dig deep into the guts of nonprofit work as you soul search for the niche you belong too.

(AH Students: Hugo Polanco, Emily Curry, Samuel Richard, Jaclyn Goris)

This was my second time attending AHMI (American Humanics Management Institute) and just like the first I returned home proud to be a nonprofit major. At AHMI you get the chance to bond with students from your own program and other university across the nation. You get to hear from amazing speakers that spark the fire in each of our hearts. But most of all you get to feel a part of this huge group of students and professionals across nation ready to make the next step in saving the world. AHMI 2009 theme, "The Power of Stories: Passion from the inside-out" focused on the many stories of how students and professionals found the passion to step into nonprofit profession . The conferences also focused on world and domestic hunger. One of the greatest speakers I have every heard was that opening night at the conferences. We were very lucky to hear from Robert Egger founder and President of the DC Central Kitchen, "where unemployed men and women learn marketable culinary skills while foods donated by restaurants, hotels and caterers are converted into balanced meals". He spoke about the passion he had to find within himself to start the DC Central Kitchen. He inspired the crowd but little did we know we inspired him. From his blog:

"Talk about a solid way to usher in a bold new year…and talk about a wildly motivated cohort of future leaders. I tell you what, I’ve spoken all over the country, and flat out— this upcoming generation is our salvation. They are wholeheartedly into the “what’s next” debate and I aim to help them find their voice. I love my generation, and I will continue to try to be part of the dialogue that helps them loosen their grip on the sector, so that this new generation (who have more of an economic stake in the race than we do) can begin to try new ideas, new tactics and…at times, entirely new economic and political approaches to solving really tough social issues that charity alone cannot even dent".

(AH Students: Geneva Hodges, Frank Carbone, Andrea Payne, Racheal Mangum)

It's hard to imagine the salvation of the world in our hands but it is true. We are up to bat the next term of difficulties, and hopefully we don't strike out. Those three days packed with professional training and inspiration is what I am going to have to top off next year in my internship. I'm ready....ready to inspire and stir in that spark of motivation in each every student that attends the amazing conference, American Humanics Management/Leadership Institute.

-Enjoying life as a nonprofit student.

January 14, 2009

The Conclusion

The revealing of another culture first hand was amazing. It truly is something that all students should try to experience. Especially if you are Tourism major because it not only is a trip across the world, but it really gives you the understanding and knowledge of how hospitality and management in other countries are run. I have recently added a Convention Sales and Meeting Planning certificate to my study. I have only taking one tourism class but I have already began to feel the aura of how the Tourism major is structured. Dr. Teye (my professor from TDM 205) spoke of traveling constantly and usually international traveling. I felt a little out of place in class, mainly because so many students had already been out of the country and could give real life experiences to the class material. One of my fellow StAR members, Amarone is a tourism major and has had a chance to do a good amount of traveling. I am pretty sure it has benefited his tourism knowledge.

Not only do Tourism major benefit from international traveling but also any student can. Along the way students can experiences and debate the social controls and problem solving within a society having different politics and history. You get the chance to look into the guts of an unfamiliar culture and gain a true and rounded education. Overall, students get a chance to feel, see, taste and hear the other side of the world. I never noticed how narrow minded I was, I really do have more of an open mind of the world and people in it.

My Germany trip was filled with rich culture, that I defiantly enjoyed indulging in. The people were extremely kind and friendly. I cant wait to return to Europe.

-Enjoy the rest of the photos, it feels good to be home.

January 13, 2009


What dose it feel like to be in Berlin! one word..... Amazing!

Berlin is filled with history, culture and fun! As soon as I got off the train people were surrounding me in the largest train station in Europe. We walked out to see the glowing lights of Berlin as my body felt the cold wind, turning my checks to rosy pink. I was in love and ready to explore the amazing city! Unfortunately, it was late and I was hungry, so I would have to sleep and await for what Christmas Eve would bring me in Berlin.

The next day I embarked into Berlin. It was rainy and cold but didn't stop me, prepared with my umbrella, I was thrilled to see all of the monuments, memorials and the statues. It was really easy to think, "wow these are beautiful buildings" but honestly standing in front of a wall that split families and friends, brought tears to my eyes. I stood next to a wall where refugees who had reached that area were shot without warning............................history...........it can be shocking and so much more real when your staring at it.
To end my adventures day in History, we went to the Blue Man Group.
Blue Man Group is unlike any other show. It is simply three blue-hued men dressed in black who make music, make you laugh and make you think. The show is part comedy, part performance art and part wacky science experiment. They never utter a word, but instead use their eyes, facial expressions and gestures to evoke responses from the audience. It was a fantastic show, that is worth going to see. Enjoy life...before it becomes History,