August 30, 2009

Vampire or Werewolf?

Obsessed, is that the right word?

Not sure, however, I don't know a stronger word to describe my feelings about reading the Twilight serious.

First, I read Twilight in two days. I see finally understand why Busy Bee Lauren and half of the worlds population is in love with Edward Cullen. Could he be any sweeter, kind, loving and such a gentlemen. Shoot, I would want to become a vampire if it means being with oh.....Edward! So as you can tell I loved the first book.

Second, I got the next book before my vacation to San Francisco, so New Moon took me a week and half to read. Then there was Jacob, and we fell in love. Especially with his warm smile and effortless understanding. So now I see why there is Team Jacob and Team Edward. I heard that people either loved New Moon or hated it. I love it, mainly because Jacob and I fell in love. (Not sure if Armando knows, but if ever read my blog, then we might have a problem. I justify my love with Edward and Jacob mainly on the point, they aren't real, so it's doesn't count, right?)

Third, Here I am freshly starting Eclipse, I am on chapter six and a little frustrated I have to put the book down to get ready for church. I am falling in love again with Edward, but Jacob being depressed, is killing me. I don't know how Bella dose it but I can not confirm who's team I am on yet.

I am addicted! Glad I am not alone, since my fellow blogger friends Camille and Aimee both were convinced to read the series. Reading their conversion is sweet and comforting to sad obsessed life. Since I have to work this week and it is my birthday, it might take me a little longer to read the third book. Until then I will still keep living in my obsessed fantasy world of Vampires and Werewolves.

Enjoying life dreaming of Edward and Jacob~

August 19, 2009


I have given in! I assume most of you will be happy!

I am reading Twilight and I love it. Finished the first book in four days, moving onto the New Moon, hopefully I will take my time reading it. No promises! I finally see why everyone is in love with Edward, I might start searching for a Edward to marry but I think he only exists in my imagination! Oh Edward!
Enjoying the vampire life~

August 18, 2009

Tragic Wedding Moment

After I brought myself back, it was already time for the bouquet throwing, my least favorite part of a wedding. Honestly my fate relies on my catching skills and if you know me I can’t catch! Of course I always get shoved and dragged to the dance floor where I am surrounded by another twenty girls, keeping their stand strong, looking straight up, eyes on the prize, do or die trying attitude. Well, there I am, somehow I had made it to the front, center spot, I guess the best place to be to score. As soon as her arm went up, it was like slow motion, the pushing began from all the girls behind me, restless, eager and then it happen the flowers were chucked into the air! It didn’t feel real, almost from a movie, instincts kick in and before you know it I was reaching for the flowers. I had about a second to think about it, if I caught it I would have to dance with some boy, a ridiculous song in front of everyone, but then it could mean I am one more step closer to getting married, right! So I went for it, hands, body already in the catching position. It was coming, and in surprise towards me! I held my breath, ready for the impact it was maybe two feet away from my hands. I thought, it’s happening, it’s coming, oh my goodness, yes, yes, yes and then all of a sudden she snagged it from my hands. Before I knew it I was out of the game. I had lost the closes moment to every catching those silly flowers. I stood there, probably with a disgusted look on my face, “it was mine for a second”. As I walked back to my chair actually disappointed I realized the pain, no not the pain from my heart in sadness, but the scar the "girl" left on my writs in the moment of being beaten. She had cut me, full scratch with her fake nails, it was bleeding and stinging!!! I laughed in anger because I finally gave into catching those flowers; I had lost and know left with a scar to remind me I am not getting married any time soon.

Enjoying Life~ trying to deal with the truth

My new scar; it's a reminder!

Like a true Mexican, Armando stole his favorite Mexican candy and stuffed them in my purse.

August 17, 2009

The Wedding Moment

I attend my 157th wedding today! Okay maybe not exactly that number but it feels like I have attend so many and actually since I use to work at a wedding a hall, I have probably attended more then 157 receptions. Well, the point of my sad awaking is that I am still not married. Yes, if you hadn't noticed I do not have a wedding ring or a fiance of my own. So attending so many weddings has finally gotten to me. I am not sure that I am as bitter as I sound but I do know there is that little part of me, the girlie girl side, where I am playing wedding and house by myself in some pretty dress from sister closet. It’s the moment where I have my first crush and began to think of how many kids I want and what they are going to look like. The moment my sister got married and I knew I wanted exactly the same thing she had, sparkling lights, fall weather and the first dance with a gushing, happy, romantic song that makes you cry. Well all of those moments have brought me here, right now to this moment.

I attended Armando's cousin wedding; it was beautiful, with pastel green, calla Lilies, a villa stone edge hall, decorated in diamonds and pure white. We were surround my family and friends, the pressure was on as usual, we were only asked maybe six times when we would get married, not as bad. Overall, I was upholding myself very well, until it got to the daddy daughter dance, I could feel the urge of tears pressing to fill my eyes. It was the
sweeties song, "I loved her first", by Heartland, all I could imagine is what song would my father choose for our dance? At my sister’s weddings he picked, "Lady in Red" and "The Way You Look Tonight", I know he saved the best for the last. Alright, I got through the song with tear still intact but it was the moment, the one that always gets me, the first dance. The moment where you truly see how much the couple loves each other. They way they stare at each other, eyes latched together, smiling with happiness sounding them, it's the moments, where finally you’re in the arms of your loved one and you have all your family and friends around you, what else could you ask for. They danced to "Lucky" by Jason Marz and Colbie Caillat, “Lucky I am in love with my best friend” it’s when the tears finally began to slide down my smiling face.

Enjoying life~ waiting for my moment

August 3, 2009

A New Serries

A new series to my blog post............ Healthy living, learning about your body!

Lately, I have been obsessed with reading articles about healthy living. All of my articles come from popular magazines or online news. (Note: I am not subscribed to any particular magazines, but I catch my self reading magazines in the doctors office, gym, work or my sister home). I read the article and if I really think it's worth something I rip it out of the magazine. I am not sure if this is considered stealing but really how many times to do read an article twice?

So here is to the beginning of my new series, Learning about your Body, Healthy Living
Readers, I promise these post wont be long and boring. They will be useful to women living and worth your time.

Let us begin,
Health Lies You Should Never Believe (Glamour)

1. If you're thirty, you're already dehydrated.

It's a lie, Your body has a way of telling you what it wants. Thirst is a normal sign of a need for fluids and you feel it well before thing have gone to far.
Signs of Dehydrated?
A headache and sluggishness

~Enjoy life, learning about my body

August 2, 2009

Lina update

I'm addicted....

Yes, I am addicted to my cute, little, precious niece. Every time I visit her I cant stop thinking of how darn cute she is. I am not sure why I am so obsessed with my niece, I mean I was pretty obsessed about my other nieces and nephews but maybe it is because it's Ceci's first baby. She is so darling, and I love that Ceci is obsessed with her daughter too. I get pictures through out the week of Lina they make my day to see how samll, cute and everyday growing. (Check out Ceci Blog post to see what I am talking about).
Ceci and Clint, thanks for having such an adorable girl, I cant wait for Tuesdays.

On another note....
The other day I was holding Lina and I noticed her eyes are NOT brown. Ceci and Clint tell everyone that they are brown. I am sorry but I see some color in those big eyes. See Ceci has brown eyes and Clint has bright blue eyes. However my mother side is known to have light skin with blue and green eyes. Emma's first Tyler had blue eyes and now has green. So it is not a big strentch to think Lina might have green eyes.
Either way I love her, green, blue, brown........I am just saying... they look green to me.

What do you think?

Enjoying life, while enjoying the new life in our family~