July 29, 2008

Intern Fun

Being a Intern you get to do pretty much something different everyday. Last week was an extra adventures day. Theresa (the other intern) and I received the assignment to take pictures of the participant of the nonprofit institute. Now the only problem here is when you give a nice camera to two girls, they are bound to take pictures of them self.
After we took pictures of the participants, we were sent into a small room to edit and post the pictures we had taken. So here is our edited and now posted pictures, OF US!

Being a intern is always fun!!

Pupusas Night

Pupusas Group, Nichole, Me and Valentino. We love being El Salvadorian

Last Monday night I went to Nichole Tia's home for Pupupsa Night!!!! Pupupsas are the traditional food of El Salvador. (Where I am from) It was a fun night with the missionaries and Nichole's family. Judy, Nichole's Aunt made a dozens and dozens of puppusas......I guess I should explain what pupusas are to all of you who are lost right now. Pupusas are thick tortilla with cheese, meat or beans in the center. You eat them with cabbage mix and red salsa. They are absolutely delicious. We also had platanios, beans and crema, its a traditional breakfast food for El Salvadorians. Wow all of this food is making me hungry so let me finish telling you about the evening.

The missionaries wanted to help make pupusas, so they decided they would learn. This was funny, those poor missionaries, getting their hands all dirty, trying to make the perfect pupusa. Its okay after many tries they finally, kind of got it!
The night was filled with laughter, food and fun.

-Enjoying Frisco, El Salvadorian Style

July 22, 2008

Saturday Dance Fever

Saturday was the perfect day. I slept in until......... well maybe I shouldn't say, you might think I'm lazy. After I got up, I headed to Target with Nichole to do some light shopping. By the time we got back, we ate and began to get ready. We were heading over to a dance party in Menlo Park, three cities from Sunnyvale. It was a black and white party, so we made sure we were decked out in black and white from head to toe. We were all ready and excited to get our dance on.
The dance ended up being a blast. A lot of people showed up and I felt like I was in a dance club. They had a disco ball, the lights and a really good DJ. The only thing he was missing was the Latin Music.
Enjoying Life-

July 20, 2008

The perfect Beach Day

I had Friday off, so my weekend began that afternoon at the beach. Santa Cruz has a fun atmosphere. It has a board walk with roller-coasters, games and food. The board walk is right on the beach, so we hit up a couple of rides before we got into the ocean. The water was cold but the sun was out. I really got tan, pretty much as good as an Arizona tan! That is my kind of afternoon, a sunny day listening to the waves crash onto the beach. It was relaxing, exactly what I needed. As always I had great company from my friends, Nicole and Valentino. I am enjoying life here in the Bay Area, it is going to be hard to leave in three weeks. For now, enjoy life.........

July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

I arrived at the theater at 9:00pm to find a long line running from the front of the theater all the way to the entrance of the mall. The movie didn't start until midnight but many fans had already arrived two hours before I did. People were eating pizza, playing boards games, cards and chatting with everyone in line. Two hours standing in line went by fast with the company of good friends and ice cream.
We finally got to enter the theater and of course, I ran to find a good seat. I almost got the perfect seat but I didn't. Getting through the previews was hard but finally the movie started. I was at the edge of my seat the through out the whole movie. Wow Heath Ledger did a great job as the Joker. This is by far the best movie he has done. I really enjoyed Batman Begins but the Dark Knight blew it out of the water. Everyone should watch this movie, it will keep you on your toes and full of suspense. It will stun and surprise, delight and terrify, and it won’t be the special effects, gizmo's and bat-heroics that will keep you pinned to your seat, but the script and an ending that takes our hero, to even darker realms. Be excited!
Enjoy these pictures of crazy fans that dressed up.
Living and enjoying the life in California

July 15, 2008

Weekend to Remember

So I have updated in which seems forever but really its only been a week. I have been having a lot of fun, so the time doesn't exist when your having fun.
I had some friends in town this weekend and we had a blast!!! I dont know where to start but all I know is that the weekend was one of the best weekends. My friends brought me a little home to me. I felt like I was back in AZ just with great weather.
Instead of telling you word to word of how much fun I had, check out the pictures. I will captions, follow along.It started Thursday evening, Yoshi and Luly arrivedFriday came and we spent the day at Great AmericaWe on rides after rides. This one was bad!!!And this one was worse. This is where I was upside down, for way too long!!!

But I never stop laughing and of course screaming!

The fun doesn't end there we spent Saturday downtown Frisco.
Yah these are my girls!

The best part of Frisco is there is always something going on. Tons of people all day long roaming the streets. We had fun taking random pictures with randoms things we found.

Girls thanks for coming to see me. I had a great time and couldn't asked for more.

-Enjoying Life in Frisco

July 6, 2008

The 4th brings.....

The 4th of July was a blast! I had a great time celebrating it with my California friends. We went to a breakfast in a really nice house and Steve Young was hanging out. It was nice to meet him and the company was nice.
Later that evening we had a small BBQ and I am done eating BBQ for a while. BBQ was good but eating it all week long, I am done!
We ended our day watching fireworks at the park. I got to use my fireworks setting on my camera, hope you enjoy the pictures.

Before I end my blog, I need to say a little about my grandmother. She was born on 4th of July and today is a day that we always remember her. My grandmother passed away when I was twelves year old. My members of her are few, but I cant wait to meet her in our next life.
To Emma Rosalie Escobar we love you.

Enjoying Life

July 2, 2008

My Home, Arizona

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit home. Yes, I was in Arizona! Oh the four days in good 120 degree weather. Like my brother said it, a vacation from my vacation.

I had a good time surprising my family, really they had no idea I was coming. They all got together for my sister birthday and there I go walking in, mouths drop and excitement filled the air. They were all excited to see me. My brother had just bought his new scooter, obviously to help save the environment and money.Of course like a true Henriquez Arizonian I woke up Saturday at 3:30 in the morning, stumbling in the dark I grabbed my towel and flip flops and I was out the door. We made it to the lake by 5 :00 am to get the first clear water. My three older brothers and two older sisters out at the lake ready to catch the wake. The sun was barely up and the cool air and warm water was perfect. We had a great time wake-boarding and 9:00am we were done. I spent the rest of the day out in the sun watching my younger brothers soccer game. Finally the heat hit me and I was exhausted by five o'clock. I still had plans for evening, exhausted, but I hung in there.I ended my trip visiting friends but mostly with family. I wasn't ready to go back but I probably wouldn't be for a while, so I had to force myself back on the plane. I left 120 degree weather and returned to foggy 58 degrees, San Francisco.

Enjoy Life-

July 1, 2008

Waiting and still waiting

I live in Sunnyvale but I work in San Francisco. It takes me about a good hour n half to two hours to get to work. Yes you read right, that is a long time! So this post is dedicated to all time I waste, especially since there is no internet access on public transportation!

Here we go:
- 7:00am, get ready, daily routine and out the door by 7:50am. (Of course, if I am trying to look nice that day add 45 mins to wake up call.)

-7:50am I walk about 2 blocks and half to get to the train station.
-8:13am Get on Caltrain but its usually late! Then I take my 45 min ride to San Francisco. We make a total of 5 stops, because I take the bullet train, which cuts out more than half the stops.

-9:02am off the Caltrain, on too the T (city train)
-9:13am the T finally picks me up, this train is always late. Its suppose to run every 10 mins but it really runs every 15 mins and then 2 mins apart from the next train. grr!

-9:20am Take the muni bus

-9:32am I finally get off the bus, walk to blocks and somehow make it to my work
-9:40am Time to Work.

As you can see this an adventure in adventure to get work! I love public transportation but not this much.
Okay, so this is where I need some help.

Within all this time wasted I have created a new habit its called reading. (although I still use my ipod regularly) Honestly reading, I have read three books in one month. Now I am usually reading but never for my own pleasure. I usually have to ready books from school, which well are all exciting but I rather read what I want to read. So here I am asking you all to give me an answer, What book should I read next? I want to know all of your favorite books you recommend, so bring it on.

Enjoying Life in San Francisco