May 28, 2008

Public Transportation

Yesterday was my first day taking a train! Yes, San Francisco is opening so many 1st time experiences. I have to travel from Sunnyvale to San Francisco everyday. It takes me about 45 minutes on the CalTrain and then I have to transfer on a bus for another twenty minutes, finally I get to my job after walking two blocks from the bus stop. So I have learned to really use the public transportation. That is what is so great about the Bay Area, everyone uses public transportation, limiting the energy use and pollution in their cities. So here was my adventure for the first day traveling in the big city. Just to let you all know its not as easy as it sounds, I got lost more than once. :)
-Enjoying Life in San Francisco

May 27, 2008

The Beauty of Mother Nature

My adventures only start here in San Francisco. Today I got the experience to travel up to Big Basin Redwood State Park. What a sight to see. The trip was only about a 45 min drive from my new home. The scenery is beautiful and when you get to the top of the mountain its worth the drive. I have never seen trees these large! Seriously these pictures don't do the justice. These tress are huge!!!! Its phenomenal to see them the father of the forest is 66 ft and 9in circumference. tress are not only massive but incredibly aged. The father tree is 2,000 years old. Yes, it was sprouted in the year eight. I cant even imagine its crazy to think!

Now my day dose not stop there. Mother Nature has more than one beauty in California. I went to the beach side of Santa Cruz, to watch the graceful waves sweep over the rocks. Now if the gigantic tress were not enough beauty the view of the ocean is breath taking. The weather was cool and calming, I could stay there forever. It was my first time seeing a light house, I felt like I was in a movie scene. Overall the day was filled with fun and beauty. Enjoying the life in San Francisco

May 24, 2008

Baby Girl

I have been promising pictures of Irving and Adriana baby and well getting pictures of her became difficult, long story. But finally I have some pictures. She is so cute, healthy.....tons of hair....soft skins....and the beautiful smallesst figures!
I love her, Alison Coronel

Living Life in San Francisco-

May 23, 2008

Good News

Alright some of you know and well some of you don't but its official.
I am in San Francisco. Yup, I moved here for the summer for a nonprofit internship with Bay Area Video Coalition! I just got here this morning and well San Francisco is a fairy tale city. It is so beautiful, its filled with art, food, color, people, and just amazement! I love it so far but I have only been here for five hours. Keep checking out my site for more info and pictures I will post but for now, just miss me!

Living Life in San Francisco-

May 14, 2008

Lets Go D-Backs

The crowd cheered: Let's Go D-Backs...........Let's Go D-Backs!! I love going to baseball games. Know I might not love baseball but I sure love going to the games. Its a great pass time. Hot dogs, Nachos, Ice cream, yelling, cheering and just smiling, its worth it! We got great sits a little left behind third base. We laughed, saw our self on camera and tried to win free stuff. I even learn about baseball and how everything works. Overall its worth paying the money to enjoy your self with 27,000 other people cheering for our D-backs!

Enjoying Life in the Summer Time!

May 13, 2008


So far to many of my friends are marry. Yah I might be the last person on earth of all my friends that's not married! ha ha ha........okay not really but seriously when you get invited to four weddings in a month you start to feel like you might be getting old! However I'm not married and happy! My day will come and well hopefully I will be happy and married :)

Last Thursday I went to James and Shawnne Anderson Wedding. What a fairy tale. It was beautiful to see Shawnee all done up and in a beautiful white dress, precious. I had a good time, saw a lot of people from Junior high and high school. We had a good time catching up and remember the old good times. Shawnee through her flowers and of course I didn't catch it but my friend Andrea did. Yup don't worry she is getting married in September now. Ya, one more friend to mark off as Hitched!

Enjoying Life in the Summer Time-

May 12, 2008

Grades are In....................

Well my final grades are in. I was hoping to walk away with straight A's but I guess not this semester. Don't worry next semester I will for now this will have to do!

View My Grades

2008 Spring Arizona State University

ARD 394 Special Topics

NLM 310 Volunteer Management

NLM 320 Professional Develop Seminar

NLM 435 Service Learning/Community Dev

PRM 486 Special Events Management

Enjoy Life-