April 8, 2009

Grad fiesta!

Hello All,

I am having a graduation party/open house next month and I don't have anyone's addresses. Can you please send me your address per e-mail. (Jeannie it would be great to see you). To all my friends that live out of town, if you will be here May 16, 2008 I would love to have you there!


Enjoying life- counting the days to graduation!!!

April 5, 2009

Intern Update

AHMI Student Advisory Council
It has been 18 weeks into my internship and I haven't given a recent update.

Here we go:
First of all I love my internship. Yes I said, I heart my internship! I know it might sound nerdy or odd, but I enjoy coming to work. I have the ability to make my own schedule, I work while listening to my ipod, I get to use Skype, twitter, facebook and while all this fun is happening, I'm learning how to plan a 1,000 people institute.

Now, just because I enjoy my job doesn't mean it's not difficult.
I have a never ending to do list, I get to converse and manage with more than 40 professionals on our Host Committee, 65 student representatives, plus the volunteer committee and student advisor council. I am the liaison between national staff to ASU staff, to Lodestar Center staff, the hotel and our recent add on of 35 local nonprofits we are recruiting for our case study. Now this is just the beginning!

I am working on many items, let me tell you about one recent item.
The Starter Kit!
This is where it begins, a 35 page booklet describing ever detail any student, professional or person attending AHMI needs to know. The booklet will have information on what Phoenix has to offer, traveling guide, lodging guide, registration, cost and how to raise the cost to come to AHMI Phoenix 2010. I also have to know all the logistics such as speakers, event schedule, and content overview. Like I said in the beginning, my list is never ending, I still have the expo, placement services, career coaching, and awards. Take a breath, I'm almost done, position descriptions; student advisory council, student representatives, and AHMI 2011 intern. I wrap it up with the credits of the Host Committee, Student Advisory, Planning team from ASU, and national staff. Wow!

There you go, that is the Starter Kit in a paragraph! This huge project is due in May... yes, 1 month count down!

To tell you all the truth in January when I really began my work, I sat down one day and realized what I had got myself into. Although I wanted to cry, run and quit. Here I am, the "new" tends to be scary. Its okay to be sacred, just never give up! The internship might seem like this small distant thing in the future. Actually, you should know now, its around the corner and when you get to the point, your going to need everything you learned the pass three years to get through it!!!

I promise to have another update about my internship next week,

For now Enjoying life in one of the best jobs I have ever had~